Hisako possession glitch

A lot of times when performing the scream grab move the opponent automatically is raised in an involuntary air jump. Even when in an online match with human players.

I’m surprised no one has addressed this.

You can jump out of influence actually

Never encountered this lol

Jumping out of Influence? What?

jumping out of influence like any other grab I presume.

Sorry I mean the scream move not sure if that’s called influence or not

Ah, that’s Possession. And Jumping is the only way you can get out of it.

Are you saying that you’re seeing Possession causing opponents to become airborne? Are you sure they didn’t input up, even for just a split second?

Sounds like they are jumping. If they are being sent airborne without jumping then yah somethings up.

Yeah I meant possession as well. It’s not a glitch. You can jump out of it.

No, the CPU jumps even if I perform it at the edge of the screen


CPU is “cheated” and can react to anything. For exemple, try to do ARIA’s shadow QCF+K against CPU (hard) while its standing: it will grab you every times…

So I’m not surprised that CPU always jump when you launch possession.

Even against a human player as long as they hold up they can jump out of it regardless of how close you are to them. You can be as close to the edge of the screen as you want but jump will always get out of it.

Yeah, in order to call this a glitch, you’d have to reproduce it with a standing d-u-m-m-y in practice mode with input display on.

Ok I guess I’ll leave it alone. I tried.