Hisako is now in Smite?

Ok not really but…wow… the design is… a bit similar.


So just as hideous…well they nailed that part.

Pft, she even has the underground teleport.

Well this character’s design was already set in the mythology, dead corpse, wears kimono, long hair covering her face. But some of this stuff is pretty suspect, more notably the color scheme and descent ability.

That’s pretty much how Izanami is always portrayed.

Cool concept though, too bad it’s in a MOBA

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To be fair though, the yokai that Hisako is based of is not an original concept just for Hisako. It is an ancient Japanese mythological creature, and Smite is all about that.

Implying Hisako’s design is original. She’s just a dead corpse revived wearing a kimono. Many games before KI have had this (Ku-On specifically comes to mind).

I didn’t think Smite was still getting updates. It’s been a while since I’ve last played it. Better boot it up sometime!

Nothing wrong with tampering with what’s already been set. Sometimes, being original just doesn’t work out.

KI characters are parody, new characters included. While they’re smart with the parody, don’t be surprised if you run across something similar. KI’s cast is fairly unique in the fighting game realm though.

Gotta love the “art” they do for these Gods.

I’m all for the “No censorship” thing, but way too many “Free games” get away with selling sex for $$$

There’s sex in smite? Wouldn’t that generate alot of confliction and the like?

I thought Hisako was a banshee

Actually and more accurately she is both the goddess of creation and death, although one of her children was called Hiruko…kinda like Hisako I guess

I’m more distracted by how truly awful her basic run animation is, any creepy factor she might have had just got destroyed by that lazy, goofy, goose-footed run.

On the other hand Hisako’s animations are beautiful, fluid and genuinely unsettling using the wonderful “after image/static” effect from The Ring and blending it perfectly with the creepy, janky off-balance gait from Ringu.

A yokai and a banshee do have similar traits. A yokai is just a Japanese ghost while a banshee comes from Gaelic mythos, I believe.

That’s MOBAs for ya.

In fighting games, animations can make or break it outside of gameplay.
As for games like Smite, there’s more lenience to take a shortcut or two.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

Have you seen the Hel skin on smite where she’s a schoolgirl one form but ghost the other. It’s awesome and more Hisako than Izanami is.

OP, that is just how Onryos are portrayed in media nowadays, the fact that they took on that as an inspiration for Izanami’s design is nothing but an expected coincidence.

She’s in a battle pose wearing a full kimono.
What could they possibly have censored?

I think ZD may have been referring to the awkward “Did you notice? I have breasts and quite a nice pair of legs considering I’m all spooky and dead and stuff! Tee hee.” style stats image.

Her in game model does indeed look demure compared to that snippet of ridiculously proportioned hero art in which her female parts are roughly the size of her head and she’s framed in quite an enticing “come hither” pose.