His stream is thursday!

GARGOS IS COMING THURSDAY HIS GAMEPLAY AT LEAST! EEEEE! what do you guys expect to see on the gameplay stream?



Broken everything.

Lol and Lang saying,

“Hey guys. It’s official. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…This character is officially broken.”


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If true, then I’m happy; if not, then, oh well…

It’s confirmed on twitter.

Darkness approaches.

Thanks for bird watching for us. I’m happy to hear something. Looking forward to seeing the trailer!

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Oh hey, I finally have a favorite character in KI. You dudes keep asking me.

Its Gargos.

Find out why Thursday when we stream him.

— The NERFinator (@TheKeits) May 17, 2016

Thursday. THIS THURSDAY. @TheKeits & the @IToTheG crew are set to deliver a Gargos live stream! Details on Ultra-Combo tomorrow!

— Killer Instinct (@KillerInstinct) May 17, 2016

Friday for me, unless the stream is early in the morning.

Hype level over 9000!

I expect to see some overpowered, extremely powerful block stun, every move causes a stagger, attack from any direction, all moves are safe from punish, minions fight for you (3 on 1) Boss Level type of GAMEPLAY…

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As long as I get to see, his intro, a fair portion of his abilities, his ultra and his STAGE!!! I’ll be happy.

I’m pretty sure the “super broken OP” stuff is specific to the Shadow Lords boss version, but I’m sure there’s going to be some really awesome stuff for playable Gargos too!

Really excited for the stream Thursday, hopefully I can get home and walk the dog before it starts so I don’t have to catch up on any of it in the archive!


Who wants to bet they will have that default dojo music up to max level and have Gargos vs jago???


You forgot a mic near the fightsticks to clearly hear each button

Hearing each clack of the button lets me know, that is the button that will bring your demise. Lol

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