Hints of new Season 3 Characters from the Backstories? (Warning: Extremely long post!)

Hello everyone!
First, I want to say: Thank you, Iron Galaxy/Microsoft!
The story always was (For me) the “Weak Point” of Killer Instinct…
I mean:

  • I love the gameplay mechanics of Killer Instinct
    Its really impressive how the characters are so unique both in design and gameplay mechanics!

  • I love the designs of the characters from Killer Instinct
    Thanks for not making the Female Characters like Rainbow Mika or Laura from SFV!
    I love the designs of the characters of Killer Instinct! Always when someone say to me something like: “Laura have a nice and creative design! She is more creative than any other character from any fighting game in the whole universe!11”, I simply show the image of the design of Hisako. Then, I say: "This is how every game company should create Females Characters. They should focus on her style, her design. They should think of create her as a CHARACTER instead of create her as a way to atract more men audience to play the game."
    I mean, you have the option to developed a character that everyone could love, but instead you choose developed a character as a way to atract more men audience? That most probably destroy any chance of people see this character as a “Serious Character”.
    Even Killer Instinct suffer from this problem in the past. In the original Killer Instinct, Orchid show her b-reasts to kill the oponent with a heart attack. Even until now, some people make jokes about her “deadly b-oobs” and even how she dare to show her b-reasts to aliens, skeletons, dinossaurs, warewulfs and even her own lost brother, just to kill them.
    In KI2, was even worse, her outfit was extremely sexualized and she even moans in her victory scene in a way that even looks like she was “feeling too much pleasure” from the fight.
    But now in the KI Reboot, Orchid is totally different. Even thought she still having “big b-reasts” and show her legs, her design is much better. She don’t “fell that kind of pleasure during battle” and she don’t have to do cheap tricks like show her b-reasts to defeat somebody.
    Mortal Kombat also suffer from this problem in the past, but now in MKX was fixed. I thought that SFV was going this way. I thought that Cammy was finally wear “something”… I thought that Cammy was finally evolve into a Female Character that don’t need to show her body to “prove” that she is cool character… But I was wrong… :confused:

  • I love the music of Killer Instinct
    Seriously… In my opinion, the music of Killer Instinct is the better OST from any Fighting Game I have ever hear! Its simply perfect!
    Glacius with his “Alien Music”, Spinal with his “Pirate Music”, Fulgore with his “Robot Music”, Sadira with her “Spider Music”, Hisako with her “Ghost Music”… Its EVERYTHING PERFECT! And the “Ultra Combo Theme” in every stage? And the music getting more “action” with the amazing combos? And the original theme of Killer Instinct playing with a remix of every Character’s Theme when you stop moving? Oh man… It’s so much well done and perfect! Its like having many differents themes combined all in one game!
    OFF TOPIC: I was listening to Cammy OST in SFV and… Oh my god… Its another remix of her original theme? I know her original theme is classic, but, again? We already have a “Remake/Remix” of her classic theme in SFIV, then why using again in SFV? Why not try something totally different like Street Fighter Alpha 3? (The best SF after SFIV in my opinion)
    Back to the topic:

  • Then there is KI’s Story…

  • Killer Instinct: Its not “bad”. Actually, compared to the first stories of other fighting games (SF1 and MK1), its actually good! But, is just that… A “good story” that could help the begining of a “franchise of many games” (The story of the first Final Fantasy was extremely basic too)

  • Killer Instinct 2: Yeah… Here, everything become like "What???"
    I already said in my topic of “Kim Wu’s Personality” how weird the story of KI2 was, but I just gonna say some more little weirds things:

    • Maya fall in love with Tusk after he defeat her. Then, Tusk fall in love with Maya after he is defeated by TJ Combo. Best love story ever :heart:

    • Really? TJ Combo think about staying in the past instead of returning to his time? But don’t he enter the Killer Instinct Tournament to EARN MONEY an then live like a RICH GUY? Why would he will trade all his chance of living in a era where exist technology, confort, etc, to live in a Pre-Historic era?

    • Kim Wu: The Choise One to destroy Gargos that killed Spinal and returned home to let Jago and Orchid fight him instead. Either she was scared and run away or maybe she thought that Spinal was Gargos and her missions was complete?

    • Glacius:

    • Original Glacius: Heeeeeey heeeelp meeee!! This fire thing wants to kill meeeeee!! :anguished:

    • KI2 Glacius: What? Hey, wait there, I’m coming to help you! :expressionless:

    • Original Glacius: Oh, never mind, I killed him… :grin:

    • KI2 Glacius: What? I can’t hear you! :neutral_face:

    • Original Glacius: (Okay, I’m going back to my planet now… Uaaahhh I thin that when in go to my bed, I will fall sleep 10 years… I’m dead tired…) :tired_face:

    • KI2 Glacius: Just wait! I’m coming to help you! :expressionless:

    • Original Glacius: (Why this guy keep talking to me? I’m tired, dammit) :unamused:

    • KI2 Glacius: Okay! I’m here! Where are you? :expressionless:

    • Original Glacius: Me? I’m in our planet :relaxed:

    • KI2 Glacius: But then why you ask for help in this planet called Earth? :pensive:

    • Original Glacius: Oh, sorry, my bad… I forget about it! Well, If you don’t mind, now I going to eat all the alien french fries and then sleep… Good Night! :sweat_smile:


    • Original Glacius: Sorry, man, I’m hungry! :slightly_smiling:

    • KI2 Glacius: Arghhhh… When I found you, I going to… :grimacing:

      • teleports back to 2000 years ago
    • Original Glacius: Hey? Hey man, are you there? :scream:

    • Original Glacius::disappointed:

    • Original Glacius: Oh cool! They have those extraterrestrial hot dogs today too! Wee!!! :grinning:

  • Maya: “Oh, I don’t know what I supposed to do here, so I’m going to kil this Gargos because… Ah… Oh yes, somebody that I don’t even know for sure help Kim’ ancestors to defeat them, so… I guesse I going help her too! Maybe I can even find a boyfriend for me? :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Killer Instinct (3):
    Jago: Want to purify his soul from Gargos
    Sabrewulf: Now have his arms back and is still looking for a cure
    Glacius: Return to Earth and want his technology back
    Thunder: Still looking for Eagle
    Sadira: Have the mission to eliminate everyone that was involved in the Killer Instinct Tournament
    Orchid: Belive UltraTech is still alive and still want to destroy it
    Spinal: Ressurected again. Now, he is searching for a magical mask for freedom
    Fulgore: Another Fulgore, but this is a special one: He have a human mind
    Shadow Jago: Jago corrupted by Gargos’s Power that now travel thought the world destroying people to make Gargos even more powerful

The Season 2 of Killer Instinct made a “Complete Remake” of the story of some Characters (Like Maya and Cinder)… But there was still some little weird things like:

  • TJ Combo was been a champion for 20 years?! Really?!
  • If TJ Combo is not using any “tricks” anymore, why his arms glow with a blue light power?
  • Why Cinder is made of fire/plasma/lava if he have Ice Glacius DNA in is body?
  • How TJ Combo was managed to escape alive jumping off the windows on the last floor of UltraTech corporation?

One little weird thing is that some characters (Like TJ Combo) have some changes in their story in the Story Mode compared when they was revealed

In short: I love Killer Instinct, but the story was pretty confused and I didn’t even know which character was “rebooted” or was “the same as the original killer instinct” during Season 2

  • I didn’t know how Sabrewulf managed to have cybernetic arms if KI2 never happens
  • I didn’t know exactly which Glacius was in the Earth
  • I didn’t know how Jago managed fo find about Gargos if KI2 never happens

But then… Iron Galaxy says: "We are going to explain the backstories of each characters!"
Oh man, its was like a dream come true! :relieved:
Now everything is perfect! Now the “Weak Point of KI” is NOT weak anymore! :smiley:

Why I love the Backstories of the Characters of Killer Instinct:

  • More emotions in the story and better Character Developing:
    Now we know everything that the characters have to done in order to get here, this make them much more better as characters
    For example:

  • Know we know how was Orchid’s relationship with her father

  • Know we know that Maya has a twin sister called Mira and when (Correct if I am wrong) they was just little girls, both love to explore the maze-like passages below the temple (I can’t stop imagining a fanart of little Maya and little Mira exploring the temple… It must be so cute! \o/)

  • No lacks in the stories anymore!
    Many weirds things was fixed in the backstories, and until now, I haven’t found any serious mistake like KI2 or weird little things like the Seasons 1 and 2!

  • KI Universe: Where anything can happen!
    "Did I ever tell you about a game that have the story of a monk that fight to free himself from a evil energy, the story of a addicted rich man that transformed into a Warefulf, the story of a alien that crashed into the earth, the story of a woman assassin that kill her own master for power, the story of a special agent that had to flee the country because she was sabotaged by a mega corporation, the story of a legendary pirate skeleton that was wandering the oceans looking for a powerful mask, the story of a robot with a human mind, the story of a boxer that lost everything he have for cheating, the story of a monster hunter and her hunt to destroy a ancient evil, the story of a vizier in Babylonian times that was cursed for betraying his own king, the story of how to create your own personal female robotic dinosaur to make them ready for battles (Pokémons? ‘-’), the story of a evil energy that have the mission to make his master more powerful, the story of a ancient golem that was ordered to defeat a powerful sorcerer, the story of a japonese ghost girl that was disturbed and now seek revenge, the story of a fire human being that have his DNA mixed with a alien and the story of a IA that was created to evolve mankind? No? That is Killer Instinct!"
    The KI Universe is extremely rich! (There is stories that goes from “Magic” to “Technology”)
    And now we probably we will have celestial beings/gods after we know the existance of the “Astral Place” in KI Universe! (Revealed in Kan-Ra’s Backstory)

So, because of all that, I want to say:
"Thank you Iron Galaxy/Microsoft/Maximilian (Maximilian is also involved in the story, right?) for creating those amazing backstories!
(I can’t wait to see Hisako’s Backstory! :smiley:)

Now, finally starting the real topic:

I was reading the backstories of the characters again, and I could sense some “probably hints” from Iron Galaxy/Microsoft of “Possible Season 3 Characters”!
I made a list of those hints that maybe could mean a new Season 3 Character: (Maybe)

- “The Warrior influenced by an Evil Force” (Jago’s Backstory)

"When he reached adulthood a fellow warrior under the influence of an evil force—tried to murder him, but Jago killed the man in self-defense. "

  • Maybe he was somehow ressurrected and now seek reveange againt Jago?
  • Maybe he was possessed by one of Gargos’s Demons that can influence people controling their minds and now this Demon is free?
  • Maybe his brother/sister thought that Jago kill him without any reason and now this brother/sister hunt Jago for revenge without knowing the true story?

- “The Master of the Red Eyes” (Sadira’s Backstory)

The Master of the Red Eyesan old but still very dangerous assassin—took Sadira under her wing, knowing that she had a dangerous but extraordinary fighter in her midst. She treated Sadira like a daughter, giving the young woman the only true affection she’d ever known.”
The Master wore a necklace in the shape of a golden spider: it was the symbol of her chiefdom. For years Sadira coveted this thing with an all-consuming lust, pretending to love and respect her leader, but quietly plotting to seize control of the Red Eyes.”
“One night the master took Sadira to a secret chamber in the caverns and showed her a beautiful gilded throne. This was the place where she came and meditated. She told her pupil that one day Sadira might sit in this chair, but that first she would have to earn the position of Master through bravery and sacrifices. She would also have to learn to temper her recklessness. Eventually, the Master explained, the two would have a ceremonial fight in front of all the members of the Red Eyes and, if Sadira was victorious, then and only then would she be handed the spider necklace and the throne.”
“Sadira pretended to accept these words, bowing low in submission. Then without warning, she lashed out with a hidden blade, slicing her master across the cheek. The older woman’s eyes opened wide in shock as she felt a deadly poison coursing through her veins. Dropping to her knees she grinned hideously. Then with her final utterance she said, “The spider has found its true home.””

  • Maybe she is not really dead (Or she was “resurrected” by Gargos) and now want reveange against Sadira using other “special insect necklace” that grant her more powers?

- “The guy with the strange accent” (TJ Combo’s Backstory)

“One day a man came around asking about him. A guy with a strange accent. He told TJ that people had been watching him—a group called the Disavowed. Their goal was to utterly destroy Ultratech and they wanted to enlist him. The foreigner showed TJ information linking his former manager to Ultratech. The megacorp had been playing the fighter for years. They’d bankrupted him so that they could get him in their clutches and study him like a lab rat. And now the Disavowed was offering to help TJ get even.”

  • Maybe he one of the most powerful member of Disavowed with the exception of Orchid?

- “Celestial Being/Powerful God” (Kan-Ra’s Backstory)

“Kan-Ra delved deep into his studies, poring over arcane tomes that he had collected in his travels, trying to figure out a way to open a doorway to the Astral Plane—the home of celestial beings and powerful gods. He also had the fragments of a papyrus document recounting a great battle waged by creatures called Shadow Lords. The Astral Plane, he knew, was the key to gaining unlimited might.”

  • Maybe the celestial being is a female angel?
  • Maybe the powerful god is the god of some element (Wind, Poison, Water, Plant, Light, Darkness? ) or some emotion? (Love, Hate, Sadness, Fear, Rage?)

- “The Master of Shadow Lords” (Maya’s Backstory)

“Under ARIA’s orders (and led by the fiery plasma creature known as Cinder), an Ultratech army stormed the citadel to raid the Night Guard’s headquarters for its secrets. During this battle, the sorcerer Kan-Ra was accidentally released from a vault where he’d been imprisoned for centuries. Kan-Ra escaped with a collection of tomes documenting an ancient battle with an entity known as a “Shadow Lord.”
“She then recruited a number of the heroes in order to plan how best to act against these two growing threats when Ultratech attacked yet again, bent on wiping out the heroes before they could move against the sinister megacorporation. But right before killing Maya and her comrades ARIA withdrew her forces as a new and potentially apocalyptic threat suddenly appeared on the Earth—a demonic force led by Gargos: the master of the Shadow Lords.”

  • Maybe the Master of the Shadow Lords is the Most Powerful Demon of Gargos?
  • Maybe he is a “Super Version of Omen”?
  • Maybe he is one of the many demons that served Gargos, but he is the most powerful of them all? (Like Fulgore Mark 03 and all the others Fullgores)

- Mira, Maya’s Twin Sister (Maya’s Backstory)

“Maya and her twin sister Mira grew up in the Guard’s timeworn citadel in the Andes—the only home they’d ever known. They listened with rapt attention to the stories of adventure and intrigue from the Guard’s members after they had returned from their missions. They learned that monsters wear many faces…sometimes even human ones.”
“When they were of appropriate age, the sisters apprenticed with other Night Guard members on hunts, eventually maturing into capable agents of the order. The young women worked well together, and Maya and Mira became one of the Guard’s best duos, travelling the world and hunting evil wherever it reared its many ugly heads.”

  • Maybe she is not dead and is trying to find Maya?
  • Maybe she was corrupted by Omem or Gargos and now have orders of killing Maya?
  • Maybe she was somehow transformed into a vampire that is fighting along side of Gargos?

I almost sure that Mira going to be a Season 3 Characater… Why? Well:

  • 1 - She is the only person mentioned in the Backstories of the Characters that have a NAME! Think about: Jago’s Backstory have the “Warrior influenced by a evil energry”, Sadira’s Backstory have the “Master of The Red Eyes”, TJ Combo’s Backstory have “The guy with the strange accent”, even Kan-Ra’s, Spinal’s and Aganos’s Backstories (Most probably) have the “Babylonian King”! Why would they create a name only for Maya’s Twin Sister? I think there is something there! :smirk:
  • 2 - In the old Season 2 Forums, there was some talks about a New Character frm Season 3 that was related to the Season 2 Roster. Some people say about “TJ Combo’s Sister”, “Riptor’s Clone” “Maya’s Brother”, “Kan-Ra’ Sister”, “Aganos’s Sister”, “Cinder’s Brother”, etc… But now, I think that this character is Mira, Maya’s Twin Sister!

Well, that’s it!
Sorry (Again!) for my bad english and… Good Bye!

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Very long post, good to have had the warning :slightly_smiling:

I don’t think this will happen, because the resurrection card can only be played once then it loses the originality. And this character wouldn’t be the one I spent it on.

Also probably dead for good. But a decent contender for resurrection, but I imagine her playstyle would be too similar to Sadira.

This seems to be a reference to Tusk. Its not confirmed.

Totally cool with this one. It would be nice to see an Angel as part of the cast.

The sentence meant Gargos is the master of the Shadow Lords. But there is the possibility of one of his underlings being a character this season.

This one would be my resurrection pick. I dunno why, but I’d love to see what it does to Maya, best if she’s corrupted.

I see Mira as the vampire character hinted as a possibility by Adam Isgreen.

ARIA knew that Glacius can control any kind of elemental source. So she decided to make tests and create a fire version of Glacius but on the purpose on serving her at will. Glacius can also turn into a golem, aquaman, etc… But he believes ice is the best thing he can use at his favor on this planet.

I always thought that the warrior influenced by an evil force was in the process of being corrupted by omen but when he was killed by jago he saw his potential and planted himself Inside him when he slept hence his nightmares and slowly began to corrupt him.