Hidden Sky Stage and the reality of it in $$$ terms

Who want’s a hidden sky stage in the new KI?
To be clear the sky stage in KI 1&2 classic was the first fighting game stage to feature full ring-outs. I’m not talkin about stage finishers, I mean uppercutting an opponent near the edge of the ring would be an instant kill regardless of remaining life. This was a fun game mode (though not suitable for any sort of ranked environment), Effectively a game of “don’t get cornered” (it could serve as an effective training tool in case you’re going up against Bass in a tournament ;P)

I want to be clear that a sky stage in theory should be very cheap to make, IDEALLY it would cost from 1/12 to 1/4 of what making a character costs. For a full breakdown read bellow.

This poll assumes that making the stage costs less than 1/8 the cost of making a character.

  • I want it under any circumstances!
  • I do! But I want it to look nice…
  • I do not feel strongly one way or the other.
  • No I am allergic to optional game modes!

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OK here is the breakdown on how feasible it is for IG to make a hidden sky stage.
The good:

  • The stage is literally just a sky box, sky box’s don’t cost much and they could just re-use the sky box from Jago’s stage. (It should also re-use Orchids theme by default as that is the tradition).
  • Because the stage is a hidden easter egg, it should not be available in ranked, nor should it have to meet any visual standards. The characters can be standing on a blown up jpeg of the KI logo for all I care (the original sky stage was pretty much that). Who agrees? (see the poll)
  • There are already knock-off animations thanks to Aria’s stage, (the characters can fall into an empty abyss for all I care… again see the poll).

The bad:
How does IG implement knock-offs? Naturally we would want any wall splat or launcher in the corner to cause a knock-off, but that would require a lot of work…
The simple answer would be to re-use The pinnacle’s stage ultra but make it usable regardless of player life. However depending on how stage ultras are programmed the difficulty of that ranges from modifying a single variable, to reprogramming the stage ultra function from scratch.
STILL I do not think that would cost anywhere near as much as building a regular stage! Worst come to worst this feature could be used for a crowd fund similar Shadow Jago. (Though in this outcome people would expect a nicer looking sky stage than what I described earlier so I don’t recommend it).

All this is assuming that there is not already an undiscovered secret sky stage already in the new KI… It sounds like the files for the new KI on PC will be locked down and not easy to dig through so I may as well just post this now.

We need to do whatever it takes to make this happen !!! @developers. Ki 2013 is already one of , if not the best fighting games ever made, but a sky stage in modern graphics would look absolutely stunning and elevate the game to near mythical status !!! Lol . It’d also give it more of that awesome 90s throwback vibe that KI 2013 needs JUST enough of to sort of call back to the original games . I would chip in $20+ for a sky stage fund !!!


Agreed there must be a sky stage with a knock off that can happen any time during the fight. Classic yo

I honestly would love to see it, but at the same time I’d imagine it’d take a lengthy time, and would be probably a quarter/half the cost of a character purely because of the fact that you’d have to make the knock-offs look nice and natural, you’d have to program the knocking off on the stage boundaries (which I can imagine taking around as long as Aganos’ walls) whilst still looking fantastic without any bugs (Fulgore’s Shadow Teleport comes to mind). At the very least, I’d expect it to be about twice/thrice the cost of making a regular stage.

That would look amazing, and could be a peek into the shadow world with maybe some fun easter eggs like shilouettes of creatures flying around, Kan Ras portal being opened with the dead coming through, etc etc.

I would pay!



That would be amazing. I’d love it if it were a sort of shiny stone platform that went back a little ways, and then just clouds. Maybe even have lightning effects in the clouds, maybe it changes from bluish to purplish to reddish as the match goes on, or maybe the clouds look more realistic and it changes from a sunset on the horizon to a full-fledged rain storm.

Either way, whether it’s meant to be a sort of “shadow realm” stage (which would be amazing if Gargos were the final boss) or just a classic call back, I’d be 100% in favor of having something like this.

I’m not sure I’d want the knock-off any time part, though as a boss battle with Gargos, I feel like that’d be a really cool way to spice things up for a final battle, like maybe Gargos can be knocked off, but he can just fly back to the stage, but if you’re knocked off, you’re done. I’d dig that. :slightly_smiling:

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The knock offs should come ONLY as stage Ultras, wile it’s great for that to happen in Sky Stages in the past, I imagine online this may not work to well like it did in the old days.

But I admit that was also what make it appealing. I think for the sky stage though it’d be cool if when they make the stage they can add floating pillars and platforms around the area to make it loook interesting. Just because it will be simple to make doesn’t mean it doesn’t HAVE to be super duper complicated but I’d like to see something other than clouds in the stage.

I’d like it to be something IG can put their passion and have fun making.

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I’m all for more stages considering the massive disappoint from us getting only 3 stages in S3. I really feel like the Shadow Lords needs their own stage (and Shadow Tiger’s lair has been way overused by now).

A sky stage would be relatively simple to pull off so I can see that being the addition.

Honestly I’d prefer sky stage motif over shadow realm. Not sure why, just something surreal about fighting suspended high in the stratosphere, doing killer combo’s surrounded by calm gentle clouds. Space or Shadow realm or Shadow space just doesn’t do it for me.

But mostly I want the ultimate knock-off’s! If they can do a space stage where you can watch your opponent burn up on re-entry I’d dig it.