Hi-res Icons?

Recently I was browsing the icons and I have to admit, they’ve done a really great job designing them. But, there are few that I absolutely LOVE and it’s really a shame that there’s no higher quality images of them.

This is great. This is ARIA’s second icon. Just amazing. There are way more that I like but this one is the main one I love. I love ARIA and her design, and I’d love to have this in a higher definition. Not entirely sure if Iron Galaxy can release stuff like this, but I’m not losing anything by asking. Anyway for the icons to be available in a better quality?

Thanks in advance.

I think it’d be awesome to be able to have them as forum icons. I say we get the high red versions, and turn them into pictures that can be set as a default image in lieu of your gamertag profile pic.

How to have this icon?

Thanks you, you unlock his after a fight? Or after the creat shadow?

You have to win 50 shadow matches or something like that…maybe fight 50 shadows.