Hi KI team ..it is possible to ...?

hi KI team i was wondering if it is possible to unrender-render the background of the menu and stages to improve performance or increase visual quality??(as graphics options)
my pc is a m370 2,4ghz cpu intelcore i3 , 3gb ram with AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series

yep is old, but i can run KI with …ehm graphic lag but only on menu…when fighting i have an almost slowmo fight(except aganos stage…i can play here at normal speed ) yes my graphics are all set to low …

and maybe you can increase potentials customers …maybe…at least global customers… im from chile :smiley:

also u can increase online matches with this option? if im not mistaken…?

Changed the title to add a parenthetical to describe the contents of the thread. If you disagree with the parenthetical description you can change it, but thread titles should describe thread contents.

wrt your request: it’d be cool to see this sort of thing happen. KI is a beautiful game, but I’m here for the gameplay, and running it smoothly on my old laptop on super low graphical settings would be a plus. Not sure I’d hold out hope for anything like this, though – although maybe the modding community will crack the game open and make this happen?

dont do that…crack the game open?? wtf ?? i posted as a question to the game devs…not to get comments about it…dont touch someone else post… if the title doesnt give u an idea of what is about… just read it…
unrespectful mdfk

As far as I know, posting a thread solely for the devs’ attention is not a use case that is supported by the forum guidelines. Maybe take it to private messages?

You need to earn others’ respect, for example by providing thread titles that respect other people’s time by allowing them to quickly deduce from the title whether they’d be interested in reading the contents.

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If you don’t want community members to comment on a post, don’t post it on the community forums.
You can direct message devs on twitter or even send them private messages on the forums.

Public posts get commented on.

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Being this is an open forum, he’s able to respond to your thread like many others.

Disrespecting others isn’t what we’re promoting here, so please change your attitude. He was being respectful to your in his reply, but you were not. So let’s change it up.

he can be respectful in words…but action says the opposite…i hate ppl who talk with respect…but their actions are not respectful at all…thats all…