Hi! Here to learn

Blake gave me this site’s address, as I’m done with my previous fighting game and looking forward to learning and playing this one.

I’m a long-time fan of the first, original game and really got excited hearing about the reboot, especially now that it will be accessible on PC. Cross-platform sounds even more amazing!

I’ll also be picking up sfv when it comes out.

For now I’ll just read, maybe ask, and hang out on streams.
Got a lot of real life stuff to manage so probably not going to be able to get involved with the game right away either, but I’ll try.

Thinking of maining Sadira if she’s any good.


welcome to the community!

I think you’ll find yourself in good company pretty quickly, I think there are going to be a lot of new players once the PC version drops. Play around with the roster, because who you like might surprise you. I have been a Thunder main, while I anticipated Sabrewulf or Jago would be my main character initially. Every character in KI is awesome, but between the movesets and mindsets you need to master, some are just simpler than others.

Make sure you tune in to Maximillian Dood’s Twitch stream during the KI World Cup event tomorrow, there’s going to be a rebalance reveal stream, and I think we’re going to find out a lot about the new season - maybe the PC version too.

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Much appreciated. With your name I’d have guessed Spinal XD
Thanks for the info, when does the event start, what hour which timezone?
I’m in Europe so, yeh.

The event starts at 8 AM PST, 10 AM CST, not sure what time that correlates to in Europe, but I would imagine would be sometime tommorrow afternoon/evening in that part, somewhere around 5 PM maybe.

Also, you’d be surprised, I play Cinder, but also play Hisako, Shadow Jago, and Thunder.

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Spinal was actually the first character I played, but put him aside until I decide to really dig into learning his more advanced stuff. Thunder happened to fit easier for me so far.

Yeah your name is hot but you get rusty easily >.>
Yeah puns. My second nature.

I’m 9 hours later than PST so that should be correct, 5pm. I should be able to watch.
Thanks a lot!

I suppose you could return to him eventually, right?
I generally start with one I like and then learn whichever character I have the most trouble against. Then that one’s worst matchup etc.

Actually that’s not what the Iron in my name means, but it’s a point not worth really elaborating on.

Welcome to the community.

I was just kidding! I understand the oriental meaning of “iron” in names.

Thank you! I’ll do my best to learn all I can and then be constructive once I’m competent.

She’s very good actually. Welcome to KI! :smiley:

Welcome bro! check out out the great links and tips everyone here is very willingly available to provide whatever you need.
Check out the Forum Battles thread…for friends to spar with anytime and on Saturdays.
Go with Infills guide and Sajam’s Tutorials if needed…here are the links!



Incrediawesomemazing thanks a bunches!
I’ll spend tomorrow morning digging through the fundamentals.
Hard with no game to practice but y’know. The more you read the better.

Oh yeah, you dont have the game yet! Do you have an xbox account? (I think you have to to be on the forum…correct?) If so I would use an xbox live trial code…down load Season 1 for free now…then when you get the console or Windows 10 it will be waiting to down load/ install in “Games ready to install”.

I have 5 X box trail codes that I can not use and Id be happy to give one to you if you will down load Season 1 for free now as I described above.

Let me know and I will send it in a PM. And if your unsure exactly what to do, I can run you through it.

Problem is it wants a bank-card for the gold status and I do not like to add that to anything online.
I’ll get a new one next week that I’ll use for this.

I think they still sell prepaid Gold time cards, if you want to go the card-less route.

For a free trail? If you have an old gift card that is empty… you can use that.

Let me know man…those trial codes are wasting away because I cant use them due to MS wont let you use them once your a Gold member :frowning:

KI is no longer free in about 1 week so hurry!

Welcome to Killer Instinct, and welcome to the forums!
If ever you’re looking for information or advice, this is the right place to go. Feel free to add folks (most of us have our Gamertags as our user names, with only slight variation) to get practicing. If you need a punching bag or someone to model all of the Max Level Colors for ya, feel free to come on by.

Oh, and as far as getting gold goes, don’t worry there’s definitely pre-paid gold cards in store if you don’t feel like purchasing it through the Xbox. Probably even be able to find a Day One Gold card and get Shadow Jago as a bonus. :smiley:

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If you could give me a key I’d be grateful, then! glortor at hotmail dot com

Salutations, my man! :smiley:

Glad to have you on board! …sort of (ya gotta get the game, dude).

Once you get your game though, I’d be more than happy to show you just how scary the gentile giant can really be (and of course, get some hands on practice and learn as you go - I teach, it’s what I do). :wink:

Sounds awesome. I’ve looked at the fundamentals and decided that I’ll re-re-relearn them with each character before anything.