Hey guys I need your opinion to vote on one of these themes

I’m trying to think of a theme fir a tournament. And I need you guys to reply what you guys like best.

Season 1 only
Season 2 only
Season 3 only
Halloween themed- hisako, gargos, sabrewolf, rash, spinal, kan ra. Maybe a few other Halloween themes characters.
Tanks/heavy hitters only.
Good vs evil
Heroes only
Villains only


Also please give suggestions fir themes too

This is for October

I think all of them are good combos

Yeah I really like the Good Vs Evil one. Great idea!

Would it be too crazy of a suggestion to have everyone random pick after each match? See who the best jack of all trades is? Eh, probably.

I think the monster theme you suggested would be cool for Halloween too!

Halloween :purple_heart:

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Add retro Eyedol for sure

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I like the villains only idea

Fashion game. Have all characters available. Then play with a different costume set/character each match. A few judges gives a score each time depending on how cool the costumes look. If you win,you are playing more matches and more likely to get more points.