Hey everybodys. Can we have a Cereal Discussion on something super Cereal?


Like, come on guys. I know we’ve been rightfully complaining about pedantic and superficial issues as if Keits personally has a vendetta against our mamas, but lets get into the real root of all of these problems.

What kinda name is “Iron Galaxy” anyway? A galaxy cant be an iron! I learned that in my chemistry class last week. If they had a better name like “Super Awesome Swagzilla”, at least I could have an ounce of respect for them. With name like that, hype matches will happen alwayz. With a name like dat, I could forgive them not making Tusk’s manhood the size of his sword or not showing more of Kim Wu’s lady parts like back in the 90’s.

Everythings to PC now. Vote Trump. HUR-DUR!



Also, “Killer Instinct”? Really? More like “Nonlethal instinct”, nobody ever kills anybody!

And holy shite, man - Jago, Shadow Jago and Omen? Talk about original! Copy-paste, take a move away, give another, new character, amirite?

Oh, oh, and for f*ck’s sake, IG, will you finally fix Glacius? Him going on Cinder’s or Fulgore’s stages should be an instant win for his opponent, even kids know ice would melt in a foundry or a volcano!

PS. Try getting hit by lightning! You think you’d get super teleport powers? Think again! You’d be toast! Toast, I tell you!

Or Cinder.


How can a 12 foot rock monster be thrown? looks like IG did not do their homework…

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