Hero Art for Characters with No Stage

I had an idea for a way to improve the hero art for our homeless characters!
How about we replace the background with the stage they inhabit (or should inhabit)?
Perhaps to keep it from looking samey it could be another part of the stage rather than where the home character stands.
Mira on the staircase in Wulf’s stage, Kilgore by the door of Fulgore’s stage, Eyedol on the Astral Plane, etc


Simple and effective - I like this idea. If we can’t have stages for them, this would be kind of a cool compromise to me. :slight_smile:

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I think they did this with Kilgore. He seems to be at ARIA’s Pinnacle stage in his hero art and it makes sense considering it’s an Ultratech product, and ARIA is the head of the organization now :slight_smile:

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Yeah I hate the bland purple background. Why not just have the stage back there? A simple design choice, that would look way better.