Heres a thought on future dlc For KI

Now, this thought process comes from the idea that KI has “out grown” the season model. Now while I would love season 4. What if we took the game in the same way the game awesomenauts does.

Which is to say you buy a expansion once every two years that gives you a few characters maybe a stage or so. then the next 3+ characters are free over the course til the next expansion. (potentially without stages). these expansions would be a lot less than the 40 to 60 dollar seasons we have now. and would be maybe priced in the 15 to 30 range. Now you will say how ill ki make money off of all its stuff if they sell these seasons dirt cheap and give away charcters. This is were Awesomenauts imho shines. Almost all of its money comes from the sale of Character skins and costumes. I personally don’t care that much for new skins and costumes but lets face it almost all f2p games and even premium games make money off them.

Now I know awesomenauts is a much smaller game in scope but the game has been chugging along for years with a healthy playerbase even though the community is rather small (kinda like ours).

This is just a thought process and was wondering what you all would think about it.