Helpful Tip for Mimic Unlocking

The number of times you need to defeat Gargos/mimics is pretty ludicrous for some characters. However, if you’re worried about having to fight Gargos with every character so many times, here’s some helpful knowledge.

If you beat Gargos, EVERYONE on your team gets credit for it towards mimic unlocking. It doesn’t matter if a team member is dead or if they weren’t used in the fight.

Figured people would like to know that so the task wouldn’t be so daunting :wink:


Yeah its pretty nice, especially for those characters you suck with or the guests that actually have to beat Gargos to unlock their skins.

Now if only I could beat Gargos… on normal… at all… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the info. Beating Gargos with Rash 15 times, 1 chance sounds ridiculous and I’m glad that’s not the case.

Quick question. I cannot test it right now but does a victory by deploying also count towards the skin unlocks?

Yes, deploying is a really good way for unlocking


Thanks, good to know!

Thank F-CK. I wasn’t sure if it’d work like that, but that’s a really nice touch. Thanks for the heads up, @SonicDolphin117 !

@Dayv0 I was really happy to find out that deployments counted towards unlocks. After all, those mimics were defeated. :smirk:
Now if only missions like Vengeful Spirits, Rogue Factory Bots, and The Hatchery counted towards unlocks. I swear I fight more REAL Hisakos and Fulgores than i do mimics! I can understand The Hatchery not doing it since Riptor’s unlock is relatively low, but Hisako and Fulgore are 2 of the steepest!