need help on some over powered characters…riptor is just plain unstoppable,cinder is just worst than Torch from Fantastic Four,Arganos is Thing…lol…just some pointers plz…i know ive posted a rant about rebalancing,Btw: im 44 yrs old which means ive been gaming since the old west but i can still hold my own…thank u in advance

None of those characters are overpowered, but I can certainly see why you may think so…

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It would help if we knew which character you played…

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Explain what exactly you are having trouble with and which character you’re using if you are looking for any genuine help.


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For now Orchid just till i max her out. Im tinking mayb Glacius or Spinal next

Orchid. Arganos is like trying to fight a brick wall. Riptor i cant seem to block or counter him,cheap tactics they use is corner trap u

Orchid Vs. Riptor
Haven’t faced many of these so probably many holes in my gameplay. Learning to block their moves is basic, so is figuring out to an extent what they want to do before they do. Tail Flips can be seen coming a mile away, and making them ambiguous enough is kinda difficult. Chucking grenades will help slow them down, also give you mixup options.

Orchid Vs. Cinder
No idea, never played this MU.

Orchid Vs. Aganos
This is going to be rough, definitely. The problem with Aganos are the chunks, he basically lords over you when he has them so your blocking game and throw-tech game should be on point. Move in slowly, he will attack you with different buttons to keep you out of range Jabs will help you strip chunks slowly and keep some advantage to block when he’s recovered.

That’s just to get you started. You can figure out personally more comfortable options yourself. When trapped in a corner, you have to block until you have an opportunity, that’s just how it goes when your character doesn’t have a teleport. Orchid has a Shadow DP that can easily punish and overly-offensive person. Use it, but sparingly.

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Also another thing that will help with an Orchid vs. Aganos fight is Orchid’s grenade. Much like Sadira’s kunai, it will eat away at his chunks. It’s always a great way to lead into a combo.

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When fighting Riptor, keep in mind that a lot of her trickiest mix up options are very punishable. Tail Flip leaves her wide open, for example. If it looks like she’s going to cross up (say, doing an air tail flip) you can preemptively move forward to block the attack from the other side. Use her Air Buster Uppercut to deal with flame carpet, jumping Riptors, and even tail flip if you get the timing right. Also, keep in mind that Riptor’s fire breath attacks can be Shadow Countered.

Aganos can be difficult to deal with at first; his size, armor, and ability to trap his opponents in a confined space make him pretty intimidating, especially in higher level of play. However, if you know how to strip him of his chunks and get passed his defenses, he’s a biggest (and the slowest) target in the game. With Orchid, use multihitting moves like Ichi Ni San, Flik Flak and her cartwheel command kick (forward Heavy Kick) as well as her grenades to get rid of his armor. In general, throws are an issue for Aganos. When he does them, they’re very potent and terrifying. When you throw HIM, however, it leaves him relatively vulnerable. Plus, knocking him down damages any walls he has up. It’s a perfect time to toss a grenade (back+ heavy punch) and get some pressure going.

Being in the corner is a very dangerous situation for anyone without a teleport. A lot of characters have ways to exit the corner, like Sadira’s shadow web cling or Kan-Ra’s Sacrifice. A character with a DP (Jago, Thunder, Orchid, Fulgore, Shadow Jago, ARIA) or similar wake up options (Sabrewulf, Maya, Cinder) can just punch their way out if you’re quick. In general though, block as best you can, try to throw them for the hard knock down, or even jump out if you have an opportunity.

In general, with Orchid, Ichi Ni San is on of your best tools. It allows for low, overhead, and even unblockable attacks from a relatively safe start up. Her grenades also make it so punishing her is more difficult. Make liberal use of them to keep your opponent on the defense. Combined with her Instinct Firecats, Orchid rushdown is some of the scariest pressure in any fighting game I’ve ever seen, when used properly.

If you’re planning on playing Glacius, be prepared for the OPPOSITE playstyle to Orchid. Glacius is at his best from Full Screen away. He can start a combo almost anywhere and not even need to touch you with Shatter or Ice Lance (forward +medium punch). His Hail is a great tool both for defense and when trying to pressure your opponent. Liquidize and Shadow Cold Shoulder completely trivialize enemy projectiles, and his damage is some of the highest in the game. However, he’s also really slow with no dash, and can have trouble dealing with enemies up close if you’re not careful. Nonetheless he’s a very powerful character that, while difficult to master and uncommon to see, is a super fun change of pace from most of the rest of the cast.

For a potential future with Spinal, get ready for some shenanigans. He seems like he’s got it all; a run for a forward dash that he can cancel into and out of specials, teleportation, a Divekick, multi-angled fireballs, and the ability to take your shadow AND instinct and use it against you… IF he has skulls. You need to keep him loaded up and get the momentum going with him, otherwise he’s a sitting duck. Build up skulls with Crouching Heavy Punch, Throws, Spectral Manuals (hit the same strength of button after an auto-double, granted CAM is off) or his Searing Skull combo ender. These skulls are used to make his Skeleport safe, his shield charge projectile invulnerable, and his heavy sword a great juggle cancel.
But most importantly, use skull fireballs (Searing Skull) to steal Shadow Meter. Then use that shadow to make a Shadow Searing Skull to take their instinct. Then pop instinct to have infinite skulls. Then you can use those skulls to get more shadow, which will get you more instinct, which will get you more skulls, which will get you more shadow, etc.

Hope this info helps, friendo. Happy hunting!

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If you want to see a truly terrifying “Arganos” as you put it, then you should reach out to me (my GT is the same as on here, but with a space in between the words) - I’d be happy to show you. :smiling_imp:

In all seriousness though, I can walk through you… * AHEM * Walk you through exactly what you need to do to beat him. :wink:

…also, the advice that Fwufikins gives is pretty sound overall. I’ll even let you try his advice against me. :slight_smile:

From there, I’ll show you some specific counters for specific situations. :smiley:

I’m amused that people think shadow web cling will get them out of the corner :smirk:

Orchid vs Cinder is interesting. General rule I’d say is use her good mobility to make sure you’re not getting stuck with pyre bombs, and to use her good normals to keep him from approaching with trailblazer shenanigans.

Against a Riptor, remember that you can DP out of flame carpet, and also that a lot of Riptor’s setups and buttons are pretty shadow counterable. Not sure if Orchid’s shadow counter is fast enough to punish jump+HP, but if it is make sure you get used to doing that consistently. I think I’m apparently one of the few people who DOESNT find Riptor’s tail flip especially obvious or easy to react to, but you can actually just mash jab while you’re being combo’d to keep from getting reset. If the Riptor tries to tail flip you they’ll get poked out of it, and you don’t have to worry about trying to spot it at all.

Aganos is an interesting MU in that if you don’t get the lead early on, you’re probably going to lose. Outside of her shadow DP, Orchid doesn’t really have any good ways to strip multiple chunks from Aganos at once. Grenade can be helpful in taking an additional chunk during pressure strings, but in general if you let the Aganos get started then you’re in for a heck of a fight. I recommend trying to take the initiative as early as you can. Strip his chunks and don’t let up from that point on.

Aganos is touch for Orchid. Your best bets at removing chunks are sweep (two hits, low profiles some of Aganos’s good higher pokes) and just trying to do weird trades at range. You can try to walk around sweep and stuff, for instance, though it’s hard. If you make him block HP rekka, you can do some damage to him with throw mixups, or try to carefully strip his chunks by baiting throw techs. I think Orchid needs to do a lot of basic throws/throw baits to win (for example, after HP rekka, if you do overhead you will beat throw techs and take two chunks, maybe more. If you have shadow, you can backdash or try to walk out of range, then react to throw tech with shadow firecat)

If you knock Aganos down without chunks, I think you kind of need to kill him immediately (which Orchid can do, which is why this matchup isn’t unwinnable). You probably need to average, like… 40-50% damage on your mixups every time you catch him without chunks, or else it’s going to be tough times.