Help with projectiles

Hi, does anyone have any tips for dealing with projectiles from zoning characters such as Glacius and Gargos? Sabrewulf seems to get bodied by these characters as he does not have any ranged attacks.

Any tips would be helpful and be nice guys, calling me a noob DOES NOT HELP!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Inch them towards the corner. Neither of them has a decent option to get out but its up to you to keep them there. These are some of Wulf’ s worst matchups so the struggle will always be there.
Some of Glacius’ Hails can be low-profiled with cr.HP or b-f LK before they start bouncing. Try that.
Gargos’ portal punches are tough, but if pushed into the corner, it should be in your favor. Not sure about medium, but you can jump the light and dash through the heavy ones.

Sorry I can’t be more help, I play Wulf but terribly and have bare minimum knowledge of how he does against these two.

Im a Sabrewulf main and got absolutely destroyed by a Glacius during KOTR, keeping them in the corner is not the easiest thing in the world

Totally agree, but that’s the nature of the matchup. Tagging @SonicDolphin117 @BigBadAndy @Zcythe @Dayv0 for better points maybe.
(If you main Glacius or Gargos and I forgot, sorry. These are the names that came to mind.)

I main Sabrewulf and ARIA, im terrible with zoning characters

Glacius is a tough match up for real. If they have hail on their head you have to watch out for shatter and cold shoulder and at the same time find a gap to hit. Learn to advance avoiding the back jumps plus kicks they may throw (don’t Crouch! They are overhead and can confirm!) You can punish those with very well timed crouching HK or an eclipse. Or well you could block and depending on the distance you can run uppercut (back forward + HK) / or go back forward LK (to hit low while sliding) or dash to start your pressure close to him.

When close to Glacius watch out for: puddle punch and throws (it has great reach). You never know when they are going to throw the first one (you will have to check how they feel the pressure and are willing to get out of it) but you have to be patient. You can also dash through puddle punch if your timing is right (eg, after a hard knockdown they can wake up with puddle punch you are able to dash through it, however some Glacius are good enough to stay c.blocking and attemp c.lp at you, there you can start mind games with overheads or throws).

If you know the c.HP (the sweep) distance is a very good tool to get some pressure on them if they want to shatter close to you, you may be hit with hail but you will also knock them down in order to start your pressure.
Not that good Glacius players don’t use hail properly and will try to abuse back jumping, cold shoulder and puddle punch pretty much. Just watch out for shatter and check the gaps, remember the right distance you catch them with Shadow leaping Slash if they dare to summon hail or escape jumping back but still not hitting you when trying jump back MK. Be patient ,if you rush too much you will be in trouble.
If not try this: use Glacius against other Wulfs and see how they approach the match. At least try those basics things I said: back jumping with kicks, hails,cold shoulder, and puddle punch.

Glacius in instinct: Remember heavies break armour. Overpower (back + HP) is very good, same as crouching HK and HP to knock them down. If they teleport there’s a timing when you can grab them, but I wouldn’t try that. I prefer to block them and then punish. A Good Glay will use hail to cover them up, that’s a little harder to deal with but not impossible. Anyway, his instinct is good and strong enough vs Wulf, so try to stay away until is gone. Chasing an armoured Glacius is not that easy, so force them to go after you and make mistakes.

Gargos is similar in the way you have to work when his zoning you out. Another hard match up specially when minions are out (that’s the harder part). Try to get rid with the minions first, with Jabs. I prefer being close to Gargos than Glacius in the way he has no invencible reversal like Glacius heavy puddle punch. He has a movement that will punish you if you jump but you can meaty him to avoid this (same as Maya no Shadow dp).

PS: if you main Aria maybe you can use her in those match ups. Aria can zone pretty well too and her offense with the assist is something to be worried about too xD


I don’t play Wulf, but I do play Gargos & can maybe help theorize the Glacius MU. :smiley:

Vs. Gargos: Navigate PP-spam w/ Run>Slide, as it beats all 3 meterless versions (fwd. movement beats L.PP, low-pro beats M/H.PP). In range, EX.Leap is proj.invincible (& recaps) so that’s a fine option too. Wulf has a few low-pro normals too, as other good folks have mentioned. You can divekick around L/H.PP & sweep as well. Every PP is negative (L-11, M/H -6) and they take up to 31f to go active (if the in-game frame data is accurate) - that’s almost a full second of free activity in between PP’s, assuming there is no Minion(s) to affect the scenario.
Minions make the zoning considerably more potent by sorta removing the ease of answer - there’s not gonna be an easy way in w/o being in the right range and spending the bar on EX.Leap (remember Minions are projectiles!). Jab those little buggers. Jab’em real good.

Vs Glacius: 2 of 3 Hails can be low-pro’d (buttons & Run>Slide) from fair ranges, the other can be Run>Leapt or divekicked over, so keep an eye out and be ready I guess. Avoid aerial approaches while he’s holding Hail, and just Run from Shatters.

EDIT: Ninja Maru got the Glacius pointers on lock. Huzzah!


-Walk and Block
-Running Upperclaw
-Walk and Block
-Running Slide
-Walk and Block
-Diving Slash
-Walk and Block

I have an ok Wulf if you want me to personally help you.


In other words…Block NOM NOM for the win.

Yeah @T1AORyanBay, the struggle is real for Sabrewulf vs Glacius. This is one of the few matchups that was probably bad even in S1. As a Glacius main I really like seeing a Sabrewulf opposite me.

Having said that, it’s not worse than a 6-4 matchup and, although I’m not a tournament pro I can tell you how good Sabrewulf players beat my Glacius. A lot of it is just basic, fundamental (sorry to use that buzzword) solid play. You really need to know this matchup and the players that do can make this matchup much more even.

  1. Be patient. Glacius is a character with zoning and with high damage, but he has to pick one or the other. He’s either zoning or beating you down. So Don’t get frustrated and start doing dumb stuff if you are taking ranged hits. You can make up that damage with good decisions pretty easily.

  2. Always take the hail. Jump into it if it helps. Hail damage doesn’t mean ■■■■ and Glacius doesn’t juggle worth a damn unless it’s a very specific setup. It’s ALWAYS better to eat a hail than get hit by shatter. ALWAYS, but especially at mid or close range when Glacius can convert a range combo to a normal combo with shadow cold shoulder and up his damage. The only real value for hail is interrupting your flow and rescuing Glacius from a combo if he holds onto it (you can defeat this with a dash through, btw). Otherwise, many players get frustrated and loose their cool over being hit with hail. Glacius isn’t going to kill you with Hail. Shrug it off and most importantly - don’t think of getting hit by hail as something you want to avoid and therefore change your strategy. That’s what Glacius wants. If you do something twice in a row and get stuffed by hail, ■■■■■ it - do it a third time. Even a raw HP will balance out that damage. So yeah, don’t be stupidly predictable but if you get stuffed a few times by hail just don’t worry about it. and don’t let it change your gameplan.

  3. If you get the life lead and get pushed out of super close range, just back off to full screen. This is simple, and sounds lame, but if you are ahead, ■■■■ trying to get in on Glacius. Make him come to you. Glacius players don’t often see the scenario of having to get in on their opponents and this situation can actually be very difficult. Turn the tables - especially if you are up by half a lifebar. You have no idea how frustrating this is for a Glacius who want to try to catch you running in - and suddenly he’s presented with the problem of “■■■■, how do I get in on this snarling beast…”

  4. Expect and punish cold shoulder. This is easy to say but hard to do, I know. But don’t let Glacius get away with using this punishable move as a mobility tool or for “footsies.” Lab it up if you need to.

  5. Stuff Glacius’s air pokes. This is a huge gap in many Sabrewulf player’s matchup knowledge and if I run into a player who stuffs my pokes I know I’m not going to just walk all over him. The reason this is important is that in this matchup Glacius wants lots of space to catch Sabrewulf trying to run in. Jump back MK or delayed j.HK can stop running wulf and even lead to a range combo. But Glacius air pokes have a hurt box and Wulf can stuff these moves. His b-f K - HK does this well but he has other moves too. The timing can be tricky but learn to do this and it will really snuff one of Glacius’s best runaway options - which decent Glacius players will often convert to short grounded combos.

  6. Learn to stuff ice lance (see paragraph 5).

  7. Once you’re in take advantage, but mix it up. It’s tempting to say “I’m finally in! Now I need to land a 60% grounded combo before he tosses me out or I’m screwed.” But predictability is death. Wulf players who use his dashthrough-throw, jumping crossup, and even raw eclipse or Shadow eclipse or raw throw make me nuts. Don’t be afraid to risk something like jab-jab-special just to catch Glacius trying to hit buttons. Look, sometimes you will guess wrong and eat a DP, and sometimes you will get thrown back to range. But no matter how good a Glacius player is if you behave unpredictably when you are in close, you will win 3/4 times and do significantly more damage than Glacius will do to you. Just don’t get discouraged and fall apart if you get knocked back to range. You got in once, you can do it again.

  8. [quote=“DoobyDude23, post:2, topic:17044”]
    Some of Glacius’ Hails can be low-profiled with cr.HP or b-f LK

This. So many players get frustrated, but you will never get in just flat running across the screen and trying to hit Glacius. You need a patient approach. Low profiling at mid range is viable, and I think very quick b-f LK as a mobility tool is underused. Instead of running up and trying to trip Glacius, mix short runs with dashes and standing blocks and b-f HK to zig-zag your way in - dodging hail and stuffing Glacius pokes until you are within striking distance and then mix him up.

I apologize if some of this comes acress as “get good” kind of advice. All of these things take a lot of work and mental discipline. But I can tell you having been on the receiving end of some pretty ugly beatdowns from Sabrewulf players that this is definitely a winnable matchup. I am not the world’s greatest Glacius, but feel free to hit me up if you ever want to go a few rounds.


There is some really great advice in here. @BigBadAndy, @MaruMDQ and @MDMMORNING especially, but also @SonicDolphin117’s “TLDR: be patient”. Really very solid stuff for the wulf vs zoning matchup, which always left me kinda frustrated (and still does, even if less these days x’D).


I specially loved what they said about the hail. Whenever I got hit by I got easily frustrated. It’s not happening any more and I’m even getting better vs Glacius I wouldn’t stand a chance before. Glacius should be afraid of a patient Wulf that is close to him, honestly. Wulf is very scary at close (unless you have an invencible dp, then the Wulf player should know how to “bait it” and punish properly =)

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