Help, Shadow lab is asking me to buy characters i already own

So yeah, im locked out of my shadows, aparently equiping them with retro costumes which i dont own but somehow were available at the lab is what triggered it, can’t say for sure because they worked fine the first time i equipped them, but today im locked out, cant even get to stats screen to change the costumes back. This is on PC.

They let you take the retro costume but it’s a bug if you dont own the costume you will not be able to play your shadow again because the game doesnt recognize the fact that you have a retro costume

Got the same bug and I have to delete my shadow. I think you have to do the same sorry if you have a lot of game recorded on him.

One of my shadows has around 100+ matches recorded, i dont wanna delete it just because a bug on their end, they could just allow us to enter shadow details menu before doing the checks so we can change the costume back.