Help needed: how does shadow efficiency work?

Its a requirement to get 100% shadow efficiency in some of the singleplayer modes

i believe it means that everytime you use shadow meter, you must get a hit afterward.

Hit every shadow move, hit every shadow counter, and there MIGHT be some hidden mechanics like “Use battery enders often”, or “use shadow meter to reach level 4 combos.” But im only certain of the first 2.

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That’s basically how I’ve come to understand it. You must land any Shadow moves you do.

Okay so here’s how this works. You need to successfully use 4 shadow moves then don’t use shadow moves again (for that match).

For instance, if you hit 4 shadow On-Ryo-Zan, you don’t have to use any more shadow moves. However, if you use another shadow move and it does not connect, it will drop below 100%.

Thanks, got it! Figured it was required not to miss any shadowmoves or have them blocked, didnt realise you had to at least hit 4 of them in a match though

Successful shadow counters also boost this stat by quite a bit. I think I’ve seen as high as 250% shadow efficiency for a single match.

You have to at 4 shadow linkers or whatever to get it 100%

Not 100% sure but I did it many times in survival accidentally but then needed it for Spinal’s third ending. What I did when I got it was do 2 separate combos that both had 2 Shadow linkers in them and I ended up getting the 100%.

I did the same thing with Thunder’s 100% breaker efficiency requirement, I made sure I broke 4 combos in a single match (without any lockouts) and I got it.

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Basically every succesfull move counts as 25% in a build-up to 100% then.
Which should probably be better explained ingame then, since doing 1 move correct should basically be a 100% succes rate…