Help needed beating boss shadow jago with Fullgore

I’ve gotten close a few times, but then I get hit with a big combo ultimate finisher, so far he’s on a 26 win streak.

He never lets a combo get past the third hit before breaking, shadow counters, punishes just about every jump. Difficult to fond an opening. So far throwing after a whiff does some damage, as does trying to get a move in after blockong his slide sometimes.

Any other tips? Its 11.45 pm here, but wanted to beat him as a goodbye to season 2, so any advice is appreciated.

How to beat Boss Shago:
step 1: get first hit
step 2: mash the F out of crouching light kick for 2 minutes
step 3 profit****

Teleport should become your best friend. Also, try using using counter breakers. And finally, don’t get greedy trying to fit in more moves per combo. You don’t need level 4 enders to beat him, you just need to cash out whenever possible.

Good luck!

Only 26 tries? Took me a lot more than that…

Thanks, been trying for the counter breakers, problem is he is leaching my bar…

As for level 4 enders…cant even end a 3 hit combo, he’s breaking my ender if I do.

Block everything. Save your meter for when you can get a Shadow Counter for sure. If you ever do have full meter, hype beam when you can. Also do not get knocked down,comboed,or be in blockstun when he isin instinct.

Well, if I dont get help, it might be a lot more, but its already 11.45pm here and I really want to beat him before the next season arrives. Also, if I dont beat him tonight, I doubt I would sleep easily, this would annoy me greatly :sweat_smile:

Had him dead then he does a 68% damage combo

Get a knockdown, then just do a slightly delayed DP over and over when he gets up. He’ll block if you do it as he gets up, but if you wait a frame so he can attempt to do something, you’ll get him every time. Cheese the hell out of him, because he sure wasn’t made to be an enjoyable fight. I really hate when fighting games have something like this…


Watch his slide. If you see it, block it and IMMEDIATELY punish it with crouching light kick. You can always coax him to do his heavy (the most unsafe) slide by gaining some distance between you two.

Beat him guys, only took me 60 humiliation or so…

My heart is still beating!

Edit: 59 times, the 60th time was the winner, still cant believe it, how do I put the movie I made of it (literally last 6 seconds and 24 seconds of post game screen lol) on my showcase?

Edit 2: got it on my showcase, my first showcase :sunglasses:

Beating Boss Shago is definitely one of my proudest gaming moments :grin:

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Indeed. I did it once. Never ever tried it again. Sadira was my character at the time.