Help me understand the season editions please and some PC stuff & Steam Link

So, I am not an XBOX user, and as I like Killer Instinct, I just got it from the windows 10 store.

I just don’t understand the season editions etc, there is one for example Killer Instinct: Supreme Edition, that include a lot of stuff and maybe I am wrong, but it doesn’t include all ? I mean, if there will be a season 4, do I need to buy it again? Is there an option to buy all including future seasons? Or I need to buy every new season again?

What the **** is KI gold for ? what can I do with it? And what is a VIP 2 XP Booster? Why do I need XP for ? The KI gold says is to unlock costumes faster? Are costumes unlocked buying a Supreme Edition?

This business model is so confusing, I don’t understand and they explain so little in the game, I feel lost, and when I feel lost, I don’t buy anything.

Now regarding performance, I got 2200 something score, so is fine, but where are the FPS digits? I cannot run my performance software with this game (MSI afterburner, fraps, etc) so I cannot see how well the game performs, when I play is very fluid, but I like to test it my self.

Where are the Vsync options? Is the game running with or without vsync? I think it is with vsync because the screen is not tearing, but where the hell are the options?

Please if someone can explain more to me, thank you for your time :slight_smile:



This is the third year of the game, they do a season of characters each year.

If you get supreme edition, you’ll get everything plus everything they release as the year goes on.

If there is an s4 you will be paying extra for it.

And shadow jago is extra.

KI gold is currently useless if you get the supreme edition (it was used to unlock costumes, which supreme already unlocks), they will figure out a way for it to be useful again in a future update. (sloppy, I know)

I agree brand new, incoming PC players are getting the short end of the information stick, lots of confusing, last minute info floating around


Thanks for your answer, that cleared up some doubts I had regarding the business model.

Now about performance, I will test streaming the game from my PC (upstairs) to my living room with Steam Link and see how it performs.

I thought the Supreme Edition only gave you the Three Ultra Editions of the Seasons. Shouldn’t the regular costumes still be locked?

yeah the regular costumes are indeed locked, my bad, only the classic costumes are fully unlocked. So KI gold can be used to speed the unlocking of those. I guess.

Ok, I tested streaming with Steam Link and checked my Streaming FPS, with Killer Instinct, my streaming FPS is from 20 to max 29 FPS… really really low, then I tested streaming Guild Wars 2 (non steam game), streaming FPS is 60. Then I tested streaming MKX (steam game), streaming FPS is 60 FPS. So, for some reason, Killer Instinct + Steam Link is not good, the FPS drops are bad, not even able to cross 30 FPS. I repeat, this is streaming FPS not the ingame FPS. Maybe because is a Windows 10 store game? Maybe Vsync options that I cannot see ingame?

What is up with MS and their limited graphical options? And how come that there is not an ingame FPS benchmark on this game?

Too bad, I really love all Killer Instinct games, but I will have to pass on this one :frowning:

KI Gold can be used for buying / unlocking costumes. You can unlock costumes just by playing the characters and leveling them up, but if you don’t want to you can just buy them with KI gold right away and use them. There are some costumes you cannot buy with KI gold though, those are the premium costumes like all the retro stuff. You can only get those by buying the Ultra / Supreme editions.

If left out Definitive edition xD