HELP ME, i need your help!

What can i do for play? this is a ITA version of KI, i have last win 10 version

You should let the @developers know you are having trouble. @rukizzel can either help you or point you towards someone who can.

I’m having this issue since yesterday. Account suddenly log out from my xbox.

nao consigo entrar tambem

estou com mesmo problema

@developers, can u help us? i can play only with no-account access, but i can’t play obviously online mode.

Open the xbox app and then go to settings, networking, then see if the multiplayer server is connected. If not follow the instructions to correct it, and when that works, the program will work. It is programmed so that you can’t play if you’re not connected to the multiplayer servers.

i don’t know why, but now the problem solved itself.