HELP IG this is doing my head in

So i dont know if IG has noticed this but this AWFUL irregular sound is making everyone sound like they are hitting a drum…

I blame Rash i think he brought it with him and now its everywhere.

The games just seen a patch and it still there.its a passion killer lol

Is everyone else having this problem? I noticed a few people have commented on my tweets or on here regarding the patch notes but im not sure if its been brought to light

Ive made a clip above apparently riptor aounds like a drum when u hit her LOL

They introduced a sound that would play when the KV meter was nearing 100, to help people understand when their combo was about to drop. This came in the Rash update, then they changed the sound away from a weird high-pitched thing to this drum a few weeks later.

Several people agree that there should be an option to turn it off, and IG has said they are going to give us the option to adjust the volume of this KV sound (including all the way down to 0) “sometime soon”. So… maybe next patch?

But yeah, that’s what’s happening. It happens for every hit in a combo if the KV meter is somewhere near, or over, 100.


Yep, Infil is right. It’s there to let you know that you’re about to drop your combo if you don’t put an ender on it. :wink:

Omg thanks infilly

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING its awful!! What a stupid idea. Cant we just know? you know practice and skillm… or just look at the bar? Why do we need a drum beat? And its on a throw? Why would it be on the throw? Ugh

Yeah we need to turn this off or have to option too. No one sounds like a drum it makes it feel reslly cheap.

People who dont know seriously think this is a glitch… even i did.

Bad idea guys in my opinion some things should be left to skill. What linkers and autos doubles your using and how much the costs your bar are all things that you should know

Fyi, it’s not a stupid idea, just one you have no use for. There are many vision impaired fg players out there, some whom probably play KI. A sound que to help better manage combos is a great way to help them out, but yeah, I agree that there needs to be an option to turn it off for those of us who don’t need or want it.

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yeah i think its mostly for the vision impaired players

ok so i get you! maybe its not stupid! :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

But seriously i dont even look at that little red bar! just know what your throwing. surely thats what we used to call mastery back in the day?

we need the option to turn it off. Please Please give us this option because my 4 friends who dont follow KI but love KI all think this is a sound bug!

for me its jarring

Was there never a time that you did? Were you immediately hip to the combo length restrictions? If so, consider yourself in the minority. Observation of the KV meter was crucial for me as a beginner.

Quite frankly, I wish we had COMPLETE control over the heads-up display. For example, removing certain, specific elements or even re-organizing how they’re positioned (that is to say, moreso than we already can) - I for 1 wouldn’t mind having some of the character-specific meters (Aganos, Hisako, or Kan-Ra’s meters for example) be vertical and on the sides of the screen or to have the lifebars simply show as a percentage total. Being able to do things like this would add: customization, personal preferences, and even help take up far less on the TV screen’s total real-estate.

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It’s a good idea in theory. I watched someone streaming KI as they were learning the game and it was a helpful tool to them. However i think it sounds awful. I even prefer the more metallic sound they gave us previously. It’s such an obnoxious sound effect. Just sounds like someone is popping balloons to me. Disappointing.

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It’s tough for them, as they have to tow a line between a sound being annoying to some, but still audible enough to be effective.

Perhaps an option for multiple sounds would suffice. Sound is so subjective, it would be impossible to find a sound that pleased everyone.

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Pretty much. of of course i used the combo gauge at first but with KI1 and KI2 (that i played LOADS) you just had to know what works and for how long and it was pretty much different for everyone.

im not saying this is better im just saying that we dont need even more help… do we? Of course for visually impaired people this is great, but as @GalacticGeek says above it would be lovely to be able to make these things larger smaller or in different places.

the (!) logos could be reduced by 75% now i know what they mean.

let us tailor our system.

lol ALL day long! i agree!!! seriously maybe leave it to a beginner setting?

I see how the KV meter alert could be useful for some people, but I am definitely in the “hate it, don’t want it” camp - not that I want the effect removed, but I am looking forward to being able to turn it down or off myself.

I don’t think a feature like that should have been released without it’s associated volume control, personally. The current “thump thump” is much better than the original “tink tink” though.

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Put it on every hit and make it louder!!!

But seriously the option of turning it off or picking from the original version or the current one would be nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate it too, Lol! I was just pointing out the reason for it, or at least one of the reasons for it.

Personally though, I too feel that it is jarring, and that it is distracting. For a game with such good sound design and general musical direction, these drum sounds are HORRIBLE.

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Wouldn’t it make more sense just to have the option turned OFF by default, and if someone wants to use it, they can turn it on in options?

Seems dumb to have it turned ON by default.

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some of these are great! IG listen “aint no body got time for that!” lol :scream:

thanks guys! :smiley: :sweat_smile:

I actually think “on by default” is the correct setting for something like this. Those who are new or have disabilities might not know to look for something like this in the Options menu, but somebody who is familiar with the game would be a lot more likely to seek out how to disable the feature. “On by default” is only currently an issue because there isn’t a way to turn it off yet, but they’ve already said there is definitely going to be a way to adjust or disable it.

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820 hours and i thought this was a glitch lol id have never known it was KV sound or whatever… maybe there should be a video of things added you can turn on or off or edit?