HELP! How I can get the Kilgore?

I tried to run the missions in Shadowlords in normal and I can’t find any mission related about it. Which turns that the mission will appear?

Your looking for a mission called “Hot Lead” it is a 4 part mission. At the end you get Kilgore to use in SL.


Which turn the mission will appear?

There’s no guarantees that any specific mission will appear in a given play through. I remember that @rukizzel said there was specific criteria for getting the Kilgore mission to pop up, but I forget what exactly that criteria is. I’m pretty sure you have to complete the Ultratech Mole questline at least once though

I remember it is the 4 part Ultra tech mission. It is the one mission that will give you choice to fight one of 4 different matches. 3 different levels and a basment.