Help-Game runs slower than usual

So I was hyped for the Windows 10 Version and got it from the windows store a day after release and I LOVED IT!!
Although my PC didn’t meet the minimum requirements,it ran as smooth as butter.
Unfortunately,when I tried to access multiplayer modes(on my previous account)
it said"Privilege denied".Fortunately,I fixed the problem by making a new account(the account that I now use to contact you).So,after that was over with,suddenly all of the cutscenes and character animation ran SUPER-DUPER SLOW.I hope the pps at Iron Galaxy,or someone who had this problem before can help me with this

I forgot to mention that this is the Singleplayer modes I am talking about and that I am running this on the lowest settings and resolution

This is the current specs or whatever I have. Need help since i’m not a computer geek guy but wished I was one at this very moment so I could get this fixed. Any computer geeks out there that could help me out?

Someone please lmk if I’m wrong on this, but I’ll take a stab for now.

Using the integrated graphics cards as is typically yields poor results.

For your setup in particular, more information can be found here in regards to benchmarking:

There are other sites which claim the same, but if you’re serious about playing KI on windows 10, I’d recommend shelling out for a better graphics card.

Actually you rig is pretty decent, EXCEPT for your graphics “card” which is really none existent.

If you’re serious about wanting to play KI (and maybe something else) I would recommend you to buy a nVidia GTX 960 or above…
You could make do with a cheaper card, but it’s just gonna get week way too fast and you’ll have to spend money again.

Your processor is completely fine for gaming, and although your 12gb of RAM isn’t a lot, many still get good results from just 8, so not really any worries there either…
It’s your graphics card :wink:
Good luck with it