Height Eyedol

Anyone else think it was very small?
IG could do something about it.
What do you think?

We’ve got threads saying he’s too big…
We’ve got threads saying he’s too small…


I can’t belive… lmao :grin:

Eh? He’s big than Tusk, Glacius, Thunder and other. But Eyedol is small than Aganos…

Yo. Much language barrier inside topic. Good to laugh. Eyedol big good.

It’s not about how Big Eyedol is, but how he is Used.


Well in mage stance he stands more upright, and looks to be slightly taller then gargos and raam. For height wise. So I think eyedol is the tallest character in the series.

This is a funny thread. My opinion is that I agree he is quite a bit smaller than I expected. But I don’t want that to change. I wasn’t someone who wanted Eyedol but I’m quite happy with him.

Eyedol’s height is fine. He may seem a little short compared to Gargos, and RAAM because they stand straight while Eyedol is hunched over. And Aganos is a literal boulder, so he also width on his side.

He is actually pretty close in height to Gargos if you don’t count his wings and horns.

His height is alright.