Heavy tail flip doesn't cross up certain characters after flipout

being able to tail-flip after a flipout is a strong option, of course there are a ton of other great options in predator stance so it’s not like this is a truly big issue but having that sortof ambiguous crossup with tail-flip after flipout (pretty much the only time tail-flip can ever be ambiguous to an extent, any other time it is far to easy to read) is still a nice option to have. But for some reason Kim-Wu will never be crossed up by heavy tail flip after a LK flip-out, which I can only assume other chars can’t be crossed up either. This feels really weird and it sucks not having access to such an option, of course predator stance mixups are still in full force so this isn’t a big issue, just a weird interaction.

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You can cross up Kim, you just have to flip her out really low to the ground. I think Hisako and Thunder also have the same problem. Basically all the floaty characters need to be flipped out low the ground other wise they don’t fall fast enough to get out of Riptor’s way.

that makes sense, still really freaking weird though and feels bad. Guess it’s just something I have to be aware of if I fight floaty characters if I want to cross them up, or I can just do predator stance mixups, but it’ll still be nice to do the cross up once in a while so I should still practice it.

Maybe do it on a bit of a delay.

Whilst the startup nerf is pretty rough, the trajectory change seems like an improvement. You can crossup after a throw with heavy tailflip without repositioning, now.

I’m fine with doing tailflip on floaties and short characters, just characters like arby and glacius are hard for me. They always block it because I land in front and not behind on a flipout.

For te longest time I’ve been trying to figre out how to make the flip out work for me. I may try this.

In order to get the flipout cross up depends on the size of the character. Bigger characters(Arbiter,Thunder,Aganos, Jago, Rash,Combo, ect) you have to flip them out immediately after the bounce of the Clever Girl.

The smaller characters(Kim Wu,Spinal,Wulf,Omen,ect) you have to delay the flipout in order to get it to cross up.

This is because the smaller characters flipout box is higher. The delayed timing makes it to where they flip out lower to the ground and allows you to cross up all characters.

The only character you can never cross up tailflip off flip out is Glacius. He flips out too high and too far away. Go to training mode to find out who needs the delay and who doesn’t =P

I hope this helps you guys out <3

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