There is no topic about this game, I have been playing it for the last month, and I’m really enjoying it

Does anybody around play the game?

I used to, but I didn’t have any friends to play it with. I could always re download it. :slight_smile:

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Do it

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I Played a little bit of Hearthstone (misspelled innthe thread title btw). It’s pretty slick for what amounts to a collectible card game. But I didn’t get far into it.

*Grumble grumble grumble

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I got bodied too much, didn’t really care to study it either. It’s fun to watch, I’ll watch streamers play it from time to time, but I personally enjoy Gwent more… or Uno.

You got it. Lol

I used to play Hearthstone rather frequently, but I got sick of sinking money/time into a game where I wasn’t having fun anymore.

Freeze Mage was terrible so I picked up Dragon Priest (got a full Gold Dragon Priest deck). Then DragP died. Gave up right after I found out. I’m not a huge fan of TCG/CCGs for that reason. At least in games like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, you can play sub-optimal things with decent rates of success.

More a fan of Gwent myself.
Anyone here play the Elder Scrolls card game? I would like to know if its worth it, love the regular Elder Scrolls world.

Also, there is a Fables cardgame comming that actually looks really nice, that has gotten my interest.

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My mates love it so I got into a bit. Bought an expansion but I’ve never felt like I was fully invested in it though. Feels hard to get into when every one else seems to have had a massive head start and my cards won’t compete unless I keep pumping money in to it. I’m probably wrong, I like the aesthetic and how quick online matchmaking is but its starting to fizzle out for me. :frowning:

Also worth noting like @Draigh said, I’m a bigger of Gwent personally. Two reasons mainly, The Witcher is one of my favourite games, Love the characters, locations, story etc but I Also enjoy Gwent because I got in to it from the start. No more playing catch up.

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Disclaimer: I’m not huge into card games anymore. I play magic when my sister or her boyfriend provide a deck for me to use but I haven’t seriously played card games in, like, 10 years.

ANYWAYS. I think hearthstone is pretty good as a casual, burn-time-on-your-phone game. The presentation is great and it’s quick to find a match so if you’ve got a long bus ride or something it’s alright.

HOWEVER, I found that their attempts to streamline the game and make it more efficient to play online result in a design that isn’t very appealing to me beyond an ultra-casual level. Having no instant spells and not selecting blockers (two great features from magic) definitely increases the efficiency of online play, but it also seriously reduces the amount of interactivity the game has.

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I’m the exact opposite. It makes me want to pull my hair out watching a serious HS player on twitch. They just take so ■■■■ long everytime to make a decision. Meanwhile I’m just yelling at my screen PLAY THE ■■■■ CARD ALREADY!!! :sweat_smile:

Hearthstone is fun to play casually. I’m not very good at it however.