Hatchery III not unlocking

First off I know this is a bug, but I needed this thread to be seen by more people, also incase someone else has the same problem.

For some reasons the dossier Hatchery III is not unlocking for me. I have done the whole quest line so many times that I have lost count. I have even done the full quest 3 times in one day. No matter what choice I make in the quest line, the hatchery III dossier does not unlock. I was wondering if anyone could look into this for me. I asked several months ago, but received no reply about it, so I am asking again. Could someone look into this for me, or give me some tips to try.


I’ve been grinding Shadow Lords these past few weeks for the gold Gargos skin, and I too have done the Hatchery questline numerous times but haven’t gotten that dossier to drop. Great that someone brought this up.

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