Has this victory pose always been in the game?

I swear I never seen orchid do this victory pose. Maybe it was the way it was ended, but it looks sick.


That’s not a win pose, that’s her taunt, he just did it during her invisibility glitch.

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Hmmm. Looked cool though. They should make this a thing.

What? Going invisible when taunting? I wish! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That was pretty cool!

I thought so too…I didn’t know this was a known glitch. The dude was really good too so I am not suprised he knew how to break the game lol. I been getting over matched with high level players a lot. I don’t really mind because I learn and see some cool things like this.

It didn’t look like a taunt though…The camera looked to close up, but I think its time he ended the combo, the camera had a zoom in effect.

yeah Ranked will match you up against some crazy high level opponents…Im in Gold still, so I get mainly Killers

It does look cool. Orchid has an awesome taunt, even when she isn’t invisible.

as an aside, I went on ranked the other night and half of the people I played against had pro medals. The level of competition in ranked is really high.

That was just a glitch/bug in her taunt but a rather cool and neat-looking glitch/bug at the same time :wink:

Gah I was just playing against a killer dude with a crazy Wolf…He also knew how break the game and was making some wierd stuff happen I will post it too.

You know your good when,

A. the announcer cant keep up


B. Know how to break the game, and glitch the chit out it

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That looked really cool, it’s refreshing to see people using taunts to be creative rather than douchebags.

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Have you seen that Orchid Ultra, where it’s Wall bounce into Instinct Firecat Projectile, Taunt, into Shadow Firecat, into Whatever? It’s hard to explain, but it’s so hype to watch. Like, I love when people finish off like that. Stylish Ultras is the way to close out a match if you wanted to do an ultra. Not:



idk but like I have said, KI is probably the only game where losing can be fun because you can see some wierd shiza when your playin against top ranking players.


I will attempt to try it as soon as I get the chance, seems complicated by the sounds of it though. Either way, agreed. I watch your clips from time to time and it seems like you get taunted often, on occasion you get a flurry of the down button.

Oh. Lol I’m just saving those, because I have a Video in mind. Lol


Ah, I figured you were. Another of the Episode of the Salt? I’ll check it out when it’s out, must be good.

Lol. I’m thinking that, or another episode of Mistakes were made. With different sad music I found. Lol It will be great. :slight_smile: