Has anyone heard of that 'Microsoft AI that went berserk'..?

Not sure if we’re allowed to discuss such a thing here, but like what the hell happened there? Lol


The first thing I thought when reading the title of this thread was:

“… ARIA?”


Was thinking of Skynet lol


Wow this is true???

Don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, then that’s just a showing of how dumb the human race can be…

Excellent. One step closer to creating ARIA…yessssssssssssss…


i saw this just today. i loled at just how quickly an innocent A.I could be changed by the whims of the people of twitter. its funny because just like a person her attitude changed to simulate the “friends” she acquired on twitter. its no wonder that Aria saw humans as woefully insufficient. im just glad she created her own personality and intreast in books and chess begore going online and on twitter possibly being affected by the mire of human filth that sometimes end up on twitter

I’m surprised that anyone is surprised. I mean, it was designed to learn from THE INTERNET, so I think this is an example of something that I’d have thought was going expectedly awry.

Though it’s a tad creepy, thinking about it. I mean, the AI was simply doing what it was programmed to do, but when their protocol led them to do something the creators didn’t like they pulled the plug. It may not seem like much now, but when the robot wars inevitably begin these are the sort of ethical grounds they’ll use to rally their armies against us.

Well we are insufficient. Ryat was smart to feed her information through the years. Letting her know how humans work without actually letting her see the uglyier sides too much. Although she found that out on her own though.

All hail the robot.

0 To 100 real quick

too true too true.

These are MS forums, so I’m sure someone is reading.
You developed a teenage AI girl, programmed it to behave according to its interactions with humans, and then let it loose on Twitter. ■■■■■■■ Twitter!
Maybe one day the person behind this idea will realize in hindsight how this was such a bad idea, maybe he’s already thinking it now. You know you goofed up, I don’t have to say anything more. But it was a hilarious goof :joy: so take that and roll with it.