Has anyone else bought XB1 solely for KI?

I surely can’t be the only one. Back in the falI of 2014 I was torn between which console to buy because both consoles had exclusive games I was crazy about. For the PS4 it was The Last of Us Remastered and XB1 was KI. I ended up buying the PS4 because TLOU was what I was playing on PS3 prior to and KI was not a complete game with minimal characters, but the hype and nostalgia for KI on the Snes during my childhood remained. About a month later, I could not resist the hype from all the fight streams of KI that I was watching on twitch on my PS4. I proceeded to the nearest GameStop like a man possessed and immediately bought XB1 just to play Killer Instinct alone. I had no interest to play halo, forza, or GoW, or any other Xb1 game, just KI. I play 2-3 games religiously on ps4 and then there’s KI for my XB1 which is the only thing on my Xb1 HDD. I didn’t even install the AC3/4 bundled game that came with it. Anyways, with the excitement of S3 coming, the return of Rash from battletoads( which I also played on Snes as a kid) and tease for Arbiter, which has sparked my interest in buying Halo MCC and Halo 5. I’m just a grown man turned into a child again. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan, so I haven’t played since the release of ARIA, but I do follow these forums and watched the KIWC via Maxamillian’s YT and I can’t wait to get back to the states and play KI with y’all. I just wanted to share my excitement, passion and nostalgia for this game in the spirit of good hype for S3 and beyond! Thank you IG, mr.keits, and the KI community for continuing to support and improve my favorite fighting game of all time!

TL;DR I bought XB1 solely to play KI and no other game. I will try Halo now thanks to KI. I appreciate the devs for KI and the forum community for keeping me hype and giving me something to be overly excited about when I return from deployment.


Unfortunately, I was without a steady income when KI came out, but in Sep. 2014 I bought my XB1 strictly for it. The only PS4 exclusive I’ve actually wanted to play is Bloodborne, so it has been a straight win. Now the PC version is coming out in March, I’ll gladly play on both. I’ll take my gaming laptop on trips and play KI on my XB1. Now all I need is a wireless network card for my laptop so I can play some sets while I’m away from home.

I have waited for KI to return since the 90s. Now, I can’t wait for Season 3.

#Season 3 HYPE!!!

I did.

However, I assumed that most games, that I would want to play, would largely appear on both next gen consoles.

Funny thing was that Kinect games were what I played the most for the first few months.

Then, luckily, also various xbox apps I was using a lot at the time helped me get through the phase where KI had no story mode, no shadows mode, no Kim, no Tusk,…

Now finally, in 2016, I am playing xbox one for its games and mainly KI. But my beloved KI-nect with its KI reference is all but dead.

I did. Not a single regret too. It’s been a great couple of years!


I didn’t buy it solely for KI, but it was the reason why I didn’t wait for more games to become available. Honestly though MS’s exclusives are a large part of why I haven’t bothered with a PS4 yet.

I did.

I really mostly play fighting games so it wasn’t really unreasonable at all for me to make my console choice based on a single game. Most of the exclusives I don’t care about- just fighters really.

It only slightly sucked when SFV was announced to be PS4 exclusive, but given the shoice between SF and KI I would have still done the same. Though since then I’ve also bought a PS4 so it’s a non-issue to me now.

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I did (I admit I found a good offer for the console) and I don’r regret a single €uro.

“Solely” is a strong word. I am a gamer, and I play lots of games on every system I own. I have always favored Xbox over PS (even though I have owned every PS before PS4) mostly because of Live and the ability to get on and chat with my friends.

However, in 2013 I was pretty sure I was going to let the next gen consoles age a year and get the bugs out before I took the plunge. It seemed like a lot of money when 360 and PS3 were still rolling pretty nicely, and I didn’t see any games that wowed me. But the second I saw that announcement for Killer Instinct I made up my mind to pre-order an X1. That was the game I downloaded as soon as I got home from the midnight launch at my Best Buy and it is by far the game I have devoted the most time to on my X1.


I got an Xbox day 1 just for KI (though Dead Rising 3 being on there pushed me a bit too). I was going to get one eventually for sure, but KI and DR3 made me get one the first day.

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Its a shame, but people have done that and only play the console occasionally because they have PC or PS4 leanings primarily. I do have a PS4 for console exclusives myself. I’ve been on Xbox Live since the beta so my purchase was a no-brainer, and the bonus for me was the revival of Killer Instinct. What I want to see is the community for this game really take off upon the PC release with cross-play.

As a COMPLETE aside:

We all have our preferred systems, etc. and there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course people always say it’s my money and I can do what I want with it. That’s simply a justification sometimes for making a poor decision and not wanting to be called out on it. We’ve all had buyer’s remorse, we’re gamers, it happens at some point and we live with it. At least it’s cheaper than the barrier to entry with PC. In order, these days, to have a game optimized for best quality graphically with matching gameplay at times, you have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a machine to just run that one game adequately. As fickle as gamers are when it comes to graphical quality in their games, they only had to spend the $300-500 on one console built to spec for all games produced for it and therefore graphical fidelity is at its best, especially when the developer makes that a priority. PCs are a constant investment in better components over many months and years.

Prime example is that BS story about the dude who is actually pissed that Quantum Break is coming to both PC AND Xbox One, with the PC game being a free bonus to those with the console version. It will have both cross-play AND cross-save capabilities. The guy is clearly a console-only owner and doesn’t realize the benefit of having both available for a more robust experience. He only paid his $400 or whatever for his Xbox One and pays his $60 a year for Xbox Live. PC owners have to pay $600-700 (or double and quadruple that in one sitting for multiple graphics cards if they want SLI/Crossfire) to meet the requirements to play the game at optimal settings and spend at least $1500-2100 on a decent PC to run it if they don’t know enough to build their own. So PC players not having to pay for Xbox Live is a VERY small consolation for the thousands they spend at once (One 980 GTX or Ti, for example, is worth 10 YEARS of Xbox Live!)

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I was going to get a PS4 as that was the console most of my friends had, i had a xbox 360 though and naturally that was the route I should take but before the backwards compatibility came out it was unlikely for me to get an xbox one. I heard of KI before the console launched and was quite hyped about it but not enough to get the console for that game, but when I saw it played at EVO (i think that was the tournament anyway) i was like wow this game looks even better than the last time i checked it out. Anyway’s fast forward to January where the game was free via Games with gold i bought the console mainly to play this game 1 day later i bought season 2 as i enjoyed it so much. Its an awesome game one I don’t mind investing in and would love to see grow bigger and bigger, even to the point that if I was approached to help the game further I would do so with a passion.

I bought it solely for ki. It was my favourite game growing up.
I have not one regret about buying the x1 for it. I’ve put in about 600 hours or more so far in ki
Bring on the next season

The line of PC Gaming and Console Gaming is getting blurred, with games like H1Z1, Day Z, and soon DC Universe Online.

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I didn’t originally. I actually got an Xbone in preparation for Titanfall. A friend recommend KI to me, and now it’s my most played game on the entire system! :smile:
I love this game, and the community. I may be new to KI and fighting games in general (though I started in S1) but I’m in for the long haul!

I didn’t buy my Xbox solely for KI but it was the one game that appealed to me the most out of all the games coming out for both systems.

It’s also the only game I come back to often. I have slowly been drifting away from games like Halo and with Halo 5 I noticed that after a week or two of not playing because of schoolwork, I couldn’t land head shots anymore to save my life so I quit. At least on KI am still decent. LOL well that’s not entirely true. I switched to assist for like a month and took it off last week and realized I couldn’t low jab into combo anymore without combo assist. I tried to get back into the grove for the rest of the day but gave up and just went back to combo assist.

I bought my Xbone for Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and Sunset Overdrive. KI was just there. Sold all three of those games after a month or two and my xbone is basically a KI-station now. Heck I play backwards compatible 360 games more than any current gen games. This generation has been pretty asss so far. Nothing but disappointments and rehashes.

Yeah. I have always been a Sony guy and preferred its exclusives (Ratchet and Clank, God Of War, Infamous etc.) so I bought a PS4 the year it came out no questions asked. I discovered Ki while on youtube watching MK videos and was disappointed to find out it was Xbox exclusive. I went all of 2014 and 15 saying it would be dumb for me to buy a console for one game but last Fall I caved and decided with as much time as I can spend on a single fighting game, I would get my money’s worth.

So yeah, I bought an XB1 last December just for Killer Instinct lol though, I knew they had a deal that came with the two original KI games too so to make myself feel better I told myself it wasn’t JUST for this one game, I was getting 2 other games too :wink:

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I bought an Xbox One just to play killer instinct and I don’t regret any of it love this game…can’t wait for season 3

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Solely for KI is big words…
Yes and no would be my answer.
I preordered my Xbox One as soon as the E3 conference for Microsoft was over… KI was the reason, yes, but I enjoy MANY genres and titles.

Xbox just in general had the best lineup, by far.
They showed new exclusives that looked amazing, they had comebacks for old exclusives that was awesome.
And even though the decision was made as soon as KI was announced, I still wanted to see what was PlayStation had to offer… and oh boy, was that the disappointment of the century…
HD remakes, HD remakes, HD remakes of already HD games, an exclusive that wasn’t really worth anything… but worst of all… their attitude.
They were so busy making fun of Microsofts decisions and ideas, but had NOTHING to show for themselves… if you bash your competitor, show people WHY your better or shut the hell up… people weren’t ever allowed to see the PS4 interface before launch… really???
Still don’t own a PS4 by the way, only game I’m slightly interested in is Bloodborne, every single one of their exclusives had been laughing stock for me

Anyway… better stop before I get too worked up about this :slight_smile: and it’s also not really what this topic was about

So yes, bought my box for KI, but PROBABLY wouldn’t have done it, if it didn’t have anything else to offer… although I’m not certain.
KI has a BIG place in my heart… still have my N64 with KI Gold hooked up, for reasons I can’t explain (especially after having KI 2 and Gold on the Xbox too)

Yes. I saw the KI trailer reaction of Max and felt nostalgic and hyped. I’ve nearly spent a thousand dollars on KI alone.