Happy valentine Bae. Time to show love

HI guys another one for fun, just because its the right day and the moment to show yo love to yo character (main)

My hart is all your bae, you made me laugh when i was sad and you made me also cry but before all never foget the fact that i love you SADIRA! they are goin to try to separe us but they forgot something ,where god set his hands the demonic spirits and snake tongs don’t have time to move.because the heat from our love make us stronger and burn them before they approach us.

Happy valentine Bae!!! i wish you better days in the upcoming days and patchs.


Can’t talk. Busy speed-dating right now.

Jago for husbando…

Okay okay, Kim Waifu for laifu.

how speed dating ? dnt you have a main? after 3 years??? i cannot believe it, lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, who is your main?

i knew it for jago player :joy: that they where G** lol just jokin :wink:

so thats all can say to doo doo? :open_mouth:

@developers @rukizzel @TheKeits im curious to know , wich characyers would you wish a happy valentine???