Handling Pressure in KI. Any Tips?

It’s actually similar to Aganos, although he can get chunks back. I expect to be down almost a full health bar before I get a decent Aganos de-chunked and then I can usually catch up and try to win the match. I feel like early game aria is so strong, but if you start beating her up it snowballs.

Truthfully, there are so few real aria players that I run into that I don’t have great experience against her.

Glacius doesn’t have a back dash. :cry:

While we are here, I will ask a question of the people paying attention that understand the game better than I do.

One of the theoretical options for Glacius is to use cold shoulder to get out of trouble. It’s not safe, but it is often a better bet than standing there blocking your opponents crossover into mix up. However, in cross up situations I will often get a puddle punch that I don’t want - or even worse end up doing the cold shoulder in the wrong direction. Is there a way to counter this? Am I just a spaz with my inputs or is this something I should expect?

Why did we turn this thread from a “help me deal with pressure” thread into a “Glacius/wakeup” thread? :confused:

See original post for the reason.

Here’s my tip: mess around with liquidize for a while and find some tricky options. You’ll be surprised how much it helps when getting pressured.

This situation is pretty dependent on the opponent. If their timing is good, then they can force your inputs or moves to come out backwards. It’s reasonably difficult to do, but if someone is pretty familiar with their character and their timings then they can get these kinds of setups pretty consistently. It’s not your fault.

to OP:
Against rekkas, shadow counter them. The only exception to this is Hisako in high wrath situations.
Divekicks in KI are very (very) punishable in most situations. Simply learn to block.
Against predictable block strings, shadow counter. Against obvious frame traps, puddle punch through them.

On the random “who’s wakeup sucks more” thing, just wanted to point out that Sadira has worse wakeup options than Glacius. The character has a meterless reversal that beats meaties and throws and starts combos - that isn’t something to sneeze at. Sadira has neither, and even her meter reversal isn’t a strike, and loses to quite a few meaty setups.

[quote]I play Glacius too, and there is no question he is weak against
pressure. There are situations where it actually makes sense to jump
and take a hit just because it gets you out of a cross up situation.[/quote]

Glacius can be weak against pressure, but for me he is inside the tier five in this game. He is a strong character, he has a lot of nice matchs, I mean he is good against many characters of this game. And He isnt so bad when he is near of his opponent, he has many option.

In my opinion fulgore is the worst one against pressure. He is so slow and evey skill that fulgore has is totally unsafe.

No character with a 2 frame invincible dp can be the “worst” under pressure. Just because someon is unsafe for trying to break out of pressure doesn’t mean they’re bad at it.

2 frame? it’s 3 frame right?

It hits on the 3rd frame, with 2 frames of non-hitting startup.

Some people (like me) call this a 3 frame move. The KI training mode frame data, and other people, describe it as a 2 frame move (only measuring non-hitting frames).

I like saying 3 frames because it means it can punish a move that is -3 on block. It makes talking about the frame data a lot easier instead of constantly having to add 1 to everything. It also makes talking about shadow move startup easier (with pre and post-freeze startups). Using my preferred method, you can say Thunder’s shadow grab is 5+0 startup and you know exactly what that means; 5 total frames, unjumpable after the freeze. The other way, you’re not too sure what it means… should I add 1 to both numbers, or only the first/second one? Can I jump it after the freeze or not? Is it 5, 6, or 7 total frames?

I wish KI’s training mode did it the first way so we wouldn’t have this confusion, but oh well.


Infil with the insightful info, as always. Much appreciated.

The best thing that helped me out early on with my Sadira is to never stay in the corner. Sadira has no wakeup so the corner is terrible for he to be stuck in. In between rounds if you are pushed to the corner always get out immediately and go to the middle.

Thanks for the suggestions/general info everyone. I’ve seriously doubted the use of the Puddle Punch, and now I’ve gotten some decent use out of Liquidize (amazes me how I can slowly close the distance with Liquidize, then use Heavy Shatter to start a combo.)