"Handling" Kan-Ra in Season 3

(No Description Needed)


I think you meant, manhandling Kan Ra… That was sad. :smiley: Do it again!

Wow, you CONTROLLED that fight from beginning to end. He did not know what to do.

Also, I noticed an unexpected buff to Aganos game. Since combo breakers no longer cause knockdown, you don’t cause any damage to your walls.

Excellent work CStyles!

That’s gotta be a record for fastest time to get someone to the corner at the start of the round.

Wow. You actually made me feel bad for Kan-Ra…that’s really saying something.

Just curious but what could Kan-Ra have done?

I had a similar experience just earlier today! :smiley:


I imagine not holding up and getting hit by every st.LK would have been a good start.

He had several chances to anti-air a jumping Aganos, shadow counter some pressure, pop instinct and use sandsplosion, etc. CStyles’s gameplan was really transparent here (because he saw it was working), none of those st.LKs led to big damage, he just got hit by 25 of them.

Kan-Ra can fight back just by wrestling a few of his chunks away via trading 5f buttons, maybe canceling st.LK into command grab to force Aganos to be a little nervous. And if Aganos is jumping a lot trying to bait stuff, as CStyles was doing, you have to be ready to anti-air those. And he did make a few key strategical mistakes, like cornering himself at the start, and not properly using his round reset to make the position favorable for himself.

Not trying to disparage any player, btw. Sometimes you panic and get dunked, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a replay of that type of thing happening to all of us. Just providing some suggestions for the future.

He was trying to jump out the whole time. That’s why the stank lk works and more importantly it conditioned him to stay grounded which allowed me to lead into either throws or jump jk/hp. As long as I have at least one chunk I’ll continue to do it, even if he has sand out I’m not afraid of his sacrifice.

Also you wanted him to reposition himself between the round…um, to where? Lol

Definitely you have mixups here, but I think he should have tried holding up a little less and taking the st.LK vs throw (vs ready to anti-air neutral jump) a bit more. Holding up kind of just loses to a lot of stuff, especially in the corner.

I haven’t played around with shadow countering that pressure, I imagine it works a lot better in S3 as well, since the active frames are longer? So that’s an even better reason to block a few st.LKs, get yourself some meter (even if you take a throw or two) and get out. Kan’s shadow counter should burn all of Aganos’s chunks immediately, I think.

Yeah, sacrifice doesn’t work that well if you have a chunk, true. As for repositioning, I was just referring to his 2nd round gambit of being super jump into your face without pressing a button. There was probably a better choice here.

He also managed to squeeze a few jumps between your st.LKs in the last round, and you blocked j.HP and he didn’t really take advantage here, instead opting to jump again and then try a very slow command grab without any tick, when you are clearly going to press st.LK again. He should be looking to trade/remove chunks, maybe tick into shadow sand, or something to help himself out. After you took control back, you can see him get frustrated and he held up for the remainder of the match, dying to about 10 more st.LKs.

Nothing. maybe shadow whirl but other than that not much of anything. any other attempts would have either whiffed or eaten up armor.


Kan-Ra finally met his match:



That is what I am always saying.
At the beginning, DASH DA F*CK IN vs kan-ra.
It worked perfectly this match. He cornered himself with nothing to defend. No swarm, no trap.

Usually, as a kan-ra main I can say whether a match is gonna be tough or free in the first 3 seconds of the match.

What if they T-Bag at the start? Plus Aganos jumped forward,not dashed. You are right though.