Halo Wars gets a Steam release

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will get a Steam release:

It’s the second Game after Quantum Break Microsoft publishes on Steam since they startet pushing the Windows Store.
Let’s hope a Devinitive Edition of KI will find it’s way to Steam one day.


What’s so great about steam? I’m not a PC gamer so I legitimately do not know. What’s the difference between buying it there and on the windows store?

Steam, from what I understand, is the main hub for PC gaming. Windows 10 store is only for Windows 10 users, and not a lot of people seem to prefer it.

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It’s the most used store, so most people have all games on steam. (Imagine you have all your music on Itunes and a band releases an album exclusive for amazon) Some people don’t even realise a game was released on PC when it’s not on steam store…
Unfortunately the Windows Store doesn’t have a game manager like steam at the moment so you launch your games via the store or desktop icons…
It also has a working offline mode and is overal the most reliable source for games.

And people trust steam to still be around in 10 years unlike windows store (see waht happended to games for windows live, Microsofts former PC game DRM)

Ok. Makes sense. I always treated it like a platform. Like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, etc. but that makes more sense

With the exception of Blizzard games and maybe games that run on Origin, every single PC game you buy in a physical store comes with a Steam registration code. They’re the big dog of the PC.

There are other places to get games online like GoG but Steam is the one with the most real world sway

I wish it cross play with the win 10. Cause with out it the win 10 version users will need to rebuy or just not play online