Halo Wars 2

So have any you guys downloaded the HW2 beta yet? If so what do you guys think about it?
So far for me aside from the several bugs that prevent me from playing it it’s pretty damn great. I cannot wait for the full game to release.

I love it! I’m gonna be up all night getting Youtube footage from it. What a great way to return to the Halo Wars universe!

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Played it last night it was really good

Yeah i’m liking it alot so far, wish it had 3v3 or non Domination mode to play. Seems like CA is going to fix alot of the issues with pathfinding, and if the base builds all start with turrets, it’ll encourage people to not quit the instant they get attacked like the first game -_- I tried a tank rush and got blown away quickly.

Also I know it’s a beta but I wish I could do an offline skirmish so I can mess around with the units and their abilities so I know how to properly put them to use.

It’s the worst beta I have ever had the displeasure of playing in my life. I actually had a lot of fun with the first Halo Wars beta. I never bought that game because I fundamentally disagree with their ideas on how to make a console RTS. I don’t believe you should casualize base building to just plugging the free spaces, and remove the concept of a mouse cursor in favor of the atrocious fixed camera cursor. The best console RTS’s are Command and Conquer 1 and Starcraft, both ported to the Nintendo 64. They didn’t try to make up for the lack of control that a console has, and I believe that these games are much better than any console-aimed RTS they can make. Just make them as they would be on PC. The freedom of base building such as sandbags/walls in C&C, proxy barracks in SC, etc. is what makes RTS games so much fun. I spent years playing C&C and SC on N64.

But back to the beta. The tutorial was so garbage that it immediately turned one of my friends off the game immediately. The drab, lethargic way that the voice over introduced things made my friend literally delete the game before even giving it a chance, lol. The biggest offender, though, is that you are forced to play 2v2 matchmaking.

I had a few of my friends download this under the impression that we could make private lobbies and 1v1 or 3 player FFA and learn the game together at our own pace without necessarily aiming to kill each other. And from there, we could slowly develop our strats and begin playing for real. At the very least I expected to be able to have 1v1’s against the AI so I could learn the tech tree, learn unit matchups, figure out the best and safest economies, etc. But no, they throw you right into a 2v2 with other players…

The gameplay feels way too casual and forced. Why is there a secondary resource? Just to be like Starcraft? It does not work at all and just detracts from the gameplay. The mouse cursor and lack of base building is as cringeworthy as ever. And why is there a game mode that resembles Conquest from Battlefield? There should never be such a thing as game modes in an RTS, period. You build up your base and destroy the enemy base. That’s the game. That should never change or be expanded upon, ever.

I played one game of this trash and then quit after like 30 minutes before the game even ended. On one hand I felt bad for leaving my teammate in the dust, but this game was just so utterly garbage supreme that I couldn’t stomach it any longer. This is coming from a longtime RTS fan. I believe RTS games can work on console, but they need to stop thinking that there needs to be some core difference between how the games are built for either platform. There was absolutely nothing wrong with C&C 1 and Starcraft on the N64 other than slowdown when lots of units moved at once or the graphics of SC, and that is nothing more than technical capabilities.

I’m guessing I’m the only person who is playing Halo Wars 2? lol If anyone else is… what do you think? I’m enjoying it so far. Yep, I’m reviving this instead of starting a new one. Blame the search button. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep my eye on it. The blitz mode in beta was meh imo. As for the full game I want to be convinced it’s awesome by somebody, currently Blizzard has ruined RTS for me.

I only ever play rts games for offline campaign and skirmishes. So far from my experience with the game I like the new gameplay ideas such as how cloaking units is actually worth a damn and has a purpose, I like that every commander has powers and a leader to fight for them it balances it out for a bit, and the unsc don’t seem to be as overtly OP as before.
What I don’t like about it is that the campaign is short and unfulfilling when compared to the first same goes for the soundtrack. The amount of bugs and glitches gets really annoying as well what with the game crashing or lagging offline, problems with the command wheel in where it’s unresponsive.
Overall I like the game as a whole and it’s only barely better than its predecessor at least in imo.

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