Halo 5 & The Monitor's Bounty

On December 8th we saw the launch of one of the biggest updates for halo 5, The Monitor’s Bounty. Adding the AMAZING new customs game browser which is the ability to search for those well made forge mini games without having to put a team of friends together, adding the option to play Warzone Firefight on either legendary (it’s normal difficulty we have had since launch) and Heroic difficulty, the addition of a LOT of Forge mode assets, new Forge mode canvases, New Sentinel Beam weapon Halo Reach Grenade Launcher and Pro Pipe REQ variation, Anti-Air Wraith, New armor REQs and FINALLY the very much needed Social and Ranked playlist option that splits casual players from the competitive.
They made “Snipers” their own ranked playlist as well as adding “shotty snipes”, the new weapons to super fiesta, new “race” game mode to team action sack and new maps and map variations to Arena.

Almost forget, they added TWO NEW game modes!! Race (WOOO!) & Golf The classic Reach gold club is back to smack some balls into their cups. Infection has new maps, Warzone has a new map, Gift-able REQ gold packs are added!

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Not gonna lie, didn’t like how Halo 5 seemed really barren in terms of multiplayer, but it looks like things have really turned around. I might have to give it another go.


I’m amazed that the game is still getting this kind of support.

Every time I hear about H5, it makes me feel ashamed that I don’t play more of it. For some reason, despite the fun I have playing it, it doesn’t pull me in like other games do.

@GalacticGeek @PVXenoraptor You guys up for some?


Reporting for duty, sir!

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Um, sir? Have you gone awol?

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Once i’m back in possession of my Xbox.

Hopefully this weekend…

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You’ve been robbed!? Don’t you worry! We’ll show those thieves what happens when they mess with Spartans. :imp:

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I’m not a spartan.

I’m The Arbiter…

Still an ally. :wink:

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Dude, I have school. I wasn’t telling you I was ready immediately, oops :joy:

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Military school, sir? Aye, I understand completely. You’ll make a fine officer 1 day. Any Spartan would be happy to serve under your excellent leadership.

LOL I saw you switch that post :laughing:

I’ll probably be able to play later in the week. Maybe Tuesday-Thursday afternoon.

Sir, what about a night-op, say at 1800 hours?

Remember the last time you tried to talk Halo speak to me?

We were in Team Doubles and it was my saltiest moment of the year :expressionless:

Sorry sir, I do not. I have been through so many battles and seen so many terrible things that I try my best to block it all out. It’s a coping mechanism.


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PTSD is not a funny condition, sir!

If you’d like, we could do some field training to get you back into top-fighting form.

Honestly, sometimes I’m a god and sometimes I can’t hit crap. Training wouldn’t help lol

I laughed SO HARD.

Savage! :joy:

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Halo 5 tries to appeal to the advanced movement shooter genre that is failing heavily. Titanfall still fails to grasp that core audience it needs, COD keeps alienating its fanbase with it, and Halo is doing the same, just not as severely.