Halo 5 Guardians opening cinematic

To anyone who missed it here’s fireteam osiris’s opening cinematic


I can’t waaaaaaaait! But sad… I need save my money for EVO 2016 and Windows 10. It’s hard life.

I’m excited for the game, but I’m conflicted about the opening - it all seems a bit over the top, theatrically-speaking IMO. Also, the similarities to the latest TMNT movie leave a bad taste in my mouth - a team of dynamic super-heroes use their fantastic abilities to stop the enemy while going down a giant, icy mountain and avoiding huge vehicles and doing other awesome things in the process. Makes me wonder if originality really is dead…

Being honest I haven’t seen the new TMNT movie never been a fan of the show either but to me it reminded me a little bit of the Avengers final battle scene with the skipping to each character and all the destruction.

Not gonna lie, I do NOT like Spartan Locke in the least. I watched Nightfall on the Halo channel, and I gotta admit I liked it, but I’m not a fan of what they are building Locke into. The Locke in Nightfall seemed a lot better of a character than the Spartan version. I have a lot of stock in the Master Chief, and I want to finish this fight as him, not some spartan II wannabe.

And I didn’t watch the TMNT movie either. Michael Bay: “Even if my movies are bad, you’ll still go see them…” Me: “No I won’t!”

Still haven’t seen it, and I have no intention of seeing Transformers 5, or the TMNT sequel.

Be honestly, I like transformers 1 and 4 are better than 2, 3 and TMNT. Transformers prequel will get new director soon. I hope new director will better than Michael Bay.

Curious what you think they’re building him into? It’s too early to call myself a fan of Locke, but I’m quite curious what they do with the character.

343 is trying to build Locke the same type of Legendary status that has taken the Master Chief and the other spartans years, several games, books, comics, movies, and effort by the fans to make. However, they are trying to do so in the course of a single PR campaign and one game, and try to set him as the equal of this soldier who we have come to respect over the course of over a decade’s worth of character investment in the Master Chief.

Furthermore, even in the mythos of the Halo universe, there are NO equals to the Spartan-II soldiers at all. Not even the IIIs and IVs are close to them. They don’t have the same mental conditioning, the same physical and psychological training, and rely on the tech of the advanced Mjolnir armor to help compensate for the inferior physical augmentation devices used to give them their super strength and durability. Every iteration of the Spartan program beyond the II’s has had trade-offs that made them inferior in some way. They are still Spartans and are no doubt the best soldiers, but they aren’t close to what the originals achieved.

And yet 343 is trying to paint Locke as something not just on par with the BEST of them, but as if he is far superior. On top of that, they are feeding all this stuff in their campaign ads to make you try to like him, but I’m a Master Chief supporter all the way. You could call me fanboy on that, but after the books I’ve read, the games I’ve played, the Halo movies (Forward Unto Dawn, the animated one that was really terrible) and really fighting with this character and becoming attached, you can’t just expect me or some other devoted fans to just forget the years of loyalty and appreciation we’ve had for this character. It’s just as if IG wanted to take Cinder and make him the series’ new hero and turn him from a fiery character in a something similar to Johnny Storm where he can turn it on and off and tried to force feed you all this propaganda that he’s a good guy and way superior to Jago. It just doesn’t fly.

I don’t like Spartan Locke simply because I think they want to replace the Master Chief, pure and simple. In order to do that, they are conditioning the audience to kind of slowly abandon their old hero and embrace this new one, regardless of how much or little he deserves it, and then write him as the new series main hero. I don’t buy it, and won’t buy it.

Of course, I may also be over speculating on some things, but I certainly won’t abandon my favorite character just because they are trying to sell me a newer, shinier model they “claim” is superior.

Well you do sound like a Masterchief fanboy no offense, but I guess I can understand your frustration. I will say I don’t think the mythos shouldn’t be taken as an ironclad rule of how things shall remain for all time to come as humans and technology will evolve and improve over time, so I find it believable that Chief will someday be bested, whether that will be by Locke is still something that remains to be seen. I don’t think they’re trying to paint him as superior though, but more as someone who’s differently skilled akin to a battle of brains vs brawn more or less. I think when you get down to it what you have to remember is Master Chief is still a man. I’m willing to give Locke a chance as I think he could offer an interesting angle to the story and we can see some things we don’t get to see with Chief. I don’t think his inclusion should be so much taken as a threat, there’s room in the universe for more than one great Spartan.

As fanboy as I sound, a lot of people here get real picky about how their favorite KI characters are represented and how carefully they are remade with a lot of mind to detail, from personality to appearance. I think I have no less a right to be concerned about a favorite character of mine who I feel like they are trying to honestly replace him. Over a decade of loyalty to a brand and a character, to suddenly be force fed this new spartan, who they are going far out of their way to paint as the new hotshot in town, I’m not buying it.

And I’ve done the reading on the newer Spartan-IVs too. None of them as far as anything from the other games or movies or anything you can find of them exhibit anything close to the level of discipline as the original IIs. The only one even close would be Locke, I suppose. Even so, it’s also been explained that the augmentations the soldiers undergo to become spartans are modified so they can be performed on adults, but are often weaker than those performed on the original Spartans. Basically, during the Halo 5 beta, there were multiple notes on the various armors to indicate “It’s mostly the suit.” Whereas, with the originals, it was more about their combat prowess and skill than anything else.

To say I’m attached is an understatement, but if they want me to give Locke any kind of credit, they better make it believable. Maybe he is as good as they are trying to paint him, but as good the Chief? No, you can’t convince me on that. I guess it’ll all come down to how well made the story is or not, and whether I can find the writing believable. From the E3 gameplay I saw during Locke’s story phase, he’s not being portrayed in a sense I can’t appreciate.

I don’t really take offense to the fanboy statement btw, nor am I angry at anything you said, if it seems like there’s any hostility in my statement. But I think us as KI fans can appreciate being attached to something for a long time and feeling a little bit mad when it may change it in a way you don’t exactly feel is on par with what you’ve come to expect.

I guess I really need to wait until the game is out though before making any judgment calls on the story or its characters. I could be worried over nothing really, and I’m not above giving Locke his fair credit, the Nightfall story was good. The ad campaign they did on youtube though, I feel was a little far out in left field.

Halo 5: Guardians – Swords of Sanghelios Gameplay Capture

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HALO 5 GUARDIANS Trailer | Cinema First Look

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Master Chief and Locke are enemies? But they’re soldier too?

Halo 5 Guardians Cinematic | BLUE TEAM Intro Cutscene

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Darn it. I really want what look like John 117’s un-helmet!

Nah I would rather they kept it hidden.

But… Halo 5 is final halo series…

That’s exactly what they said about Halo 3 and Reach, but as long as there’s a market for it they’re gonna keep printing off new Halo games.
Besides, if I remember right they announced it as part of a second trilogy, so 5 is far from the final nail in the coffin.

Oh yeah, in regards to the OP. It’s a nifty trailer, but I have a lot of trouble caring. Not hyped for the game, no matter how pretty the cinematics may be. After they cut split screen gameplay for the sake of graphics, I lost faith in 343 Industries; especially since they made such a huge deal about their new focus on squad based co-op combat.

To be honest I really like the squad based co-op combat and taking out split screen was bad but was no way a deal breaker to me.

I can respect that, but it was a deal breaker for me. :confused:
I would like the coop squad based stuff, IF I could do it with my family. Only reason I ever pop Halo in is when I have company over. It was the only game besides Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat where I could pop in and have more than one player on the box at a time (no one in real life will play KI with me these days, since even as a Silver Scrub I’m the only one in my circle of friends who can play it right).
I usually don’t get too miffed if a game doesn’t have split screen. I’m not pleased, since it limits my options for play, but I can usually deal with it. But when you literally come out in a press conference and say “we’re removing a longstanding feature of the series for the sake of graphics”, it comes across as being, in lamens terms, “anti consumer as ■■■■”.
Again, I can respect your choice, I just can’t in good conscience support something I don’t agree with. Besides, I was more than confortable with the notion of Halo ending with Reach. I didn’t like Halo 4, thought the series was stretching itself thin. So the Halo 5 story isn’t exactly catching my eye either, even with Nathan Fillion involved.

Just my opinion, anyway. Sorry if I accidentally derailed the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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