Halloween greeting by Kev Bayliss

Kev just posted this sketch for his Playtonic friends, but I thought it was pretty funny because it may give us a hint of S3 characters

We have Sabrewulf, we have Kan-Ra, we have the unused vampire from KI2, we have Frankenstein / Mad scientist, Frankenstein / Zombie, and Wizard.

Kim, Tusk, Eyedol, Gargos, Vampire, Rash, Bonus Guest, Frankenstein, Wizard.

Frankenstein character could be dual like Fera Torr, scientist commands and monster fights


Interesting find. It would really sweet to have a vampire and a wizard in S3

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What is Playtonic friends?

He meant his friends over at Playtonic. A bunch of guys mostly people that used to work at Rare with Kev opened up a game studio, Playtonic, and are working on a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie called Yooka-Laylee (which looks awesome btw).

Great picture! But really I don’t think this gives us any clues about S3 since he’s not really involved In the character making process at all. Actually there’s no confirmation he’s involved in any way, but here’s hoping he does retro outfits again!


Really neat and great find from Kevin Bayliss, the original lead character designer of the KI series :grin:

I hope the vampire character is a mothman.

Puppet Master. He can control his puppet from a distance. For example,you are full screen and so is the opponent. The opponent slowly moves his puppet forward and stuff. However,if the puppet is hit,the puppet gets knocked down and the puppet master loses distance while opponent moves forward. Then the puppet is know behind you and will have to travel in front of you to hit. Instinct makes the puppet master wear the puppet as armor so you become the puppet,don’t get knockdd down with a single hit,and no user to protect.

Not to keen on the idea, but that’s just me.