Had to make an account to get the hype off my chest

I haven’t been a console guy in about ten years. Killer Instinct dropped for Xbox One and all I could do was drool at YouTube, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to buy a console for one game.

And now season 3 is creeping closer, and with it the pc release. Man I’m so ready!

I want the season 3 music. I want wallpapers. I want teasers. I want a demo. I want to preorder.

Let evil come, for I am the watchman of the gods!


Glad you’ll finally get to play it! Hope you enjoy it, man.

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I was in the same boat when the game launched. The only difference between you and I is that I had to wait for a year for the console to launch. Other interesting games were coming, but KI will always be the only on permanently on my Xbox.
Glad to see you’re so hyped about it, so are we! :smiley:

Welcome to KI. I hope you get as many hours of enjoyment out of it as I have.

YAASSS let’s do this!!!

That’s a blatant statement. A console is $350 or more and if he only wanted one game then then he has a valid reason.

I like Uncharted 4 a lot, but I’m not spending $400 just for one game either.

Look, your comments are not helpful. MS already made the decision to port the game to PC. You aren’t going to win any “true fan” awards, and if you really are such a great fan of KI you should be thrilled to see other people getting into the game.

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