Had KI2013 made fighting games genre evolve?

What do you think? Had this game contributed something new to the genre in any areas? Like, mechanics-wise, gameplay-wise, or in the way it was developed and distributed?

I think this game is avant-garde especially in terms of distribution. It took seasonal approach before it was cool, and now many games work similarly and thrive (SF5, Rainbow Six Siege). I also think for potential sequel, MS should take SF5 approach (base roster + purchasable/earnable future fighters), but you know, without rootkit and crappy marketing.

I also think KI consists many great ideas in terms of character designs. I am no FG omnibus, but IMO characters like Gargos, Hisako, Kilgore are very creative and exceptional designs, especially for western developers. I wish for someone with vaster FG knowledge to speak about this though.

What I am about to say may seem weird, but I want to give props to KI’s engine. It’s a fact that it lacks polish, visuals are a little dated, but I feel like it does a great job for fighting game mechanics.

From my non-technical point of view, when I play KI, I feel like devs have 100% control over what are they programming and everything is precisely tailored and works as intended (not counting recent rollback bullcrap): there is no wacky stuff like AA jabs or inconsistent hitboxes that make you randomly dodge attack/projectile NRS style.

When an attack is made for AA purposes, it works as intended and none other way. Same if it’s designed for pokes or for blockstrings/rushdown, etc.

That’s all I wanted to say for now. Please share your opinions on this matter.


KI also made some of the mechanics that have previously been very opaque in past fighters and made them more transparent. Things like including frame data and hit box displays takes a lot of the mystery and guesswork out of improving at the game.


Every game helps another develop. KI wasn’t the first to do the seasonal approach (I believe it was MOBAs or MMORPGs), and they weren’t the first ones to design unique characters. Its all a lovely pool of stuff and KI picked up elements that made it the best it could be.