Had a fight with Shadow Jago boss? (post vids here!) or the link to the fight

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this is from the time when my profile was called ActedHyperion84

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My first time fighting him!

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What mode was this? he doesn’t seem as aggressive with you as he was with me

Whoa he wanted you dead.

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Oh yeah. Kyle (Ultimate) Difficulty, Boss Shadow Jago is Crazy. Lol. He was out for blood.

well… From what i remember i was playing on very hard that day. I use to play on hard/very hard to test my skills.

But it doesn’t really matter. As soon as you reach shago, whatever difficulty you’re playing on, it turns to Kyle immediately. So yeah, shago is Kyle to everyone.

ps.: Kyle are now ultimate difficulty.

I’ve yet to do this.

I need to do this.

You haven’t done this yet?


Do it. Lol But I don’t know how it works with Season 2 characters. Because S1 is Arcade style ladder. :confused:

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Yeah I think I’d have to dust my Wulf off for this venture.


Shadow Jago is cranked to 11 and always on Ultimate (Kyle). Good Luck!

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BOOM. Done.

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KrizmKazm you are under arrest for the Overly brutal murder of Shago, wait… OMG SHE/HE HAS A SPIDER

opens fire

and that’s how I lost my job as a KI cop. true story.

This is effing hilarious

Tons better than mine. Lol I almost died laughing. I couldn’t believe it. :laughing:

If you dust off your Wulf and get bodied by Shago, my Jago sees it as a threat, and demands a set. :slight_smile:

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I had loads of trouble but eventually beat him. However, I DO would like to challenge him a second time with Aria and make a video. Already know the title: Murder She Wrote.

I’m fairly certain it cannot be done in Season 2. It has to be in the Season 1 story mode, meaning you can’t use season 2 characters to face Boss Shago.

I’ve fought him with Fulgore as part of my April Fool’s Joke. Only parts of it though and it was before the Aganos Update. I may post up the raw footage of the fight.