Guys, need help with my purchase, Season 2 and 3 characters not available

Hello to everyone, and thanks in advance to whoever helps me with this problem.
So, today (06/11) I decided to play some K.I like I have been doing since the windows 10 release ( bought the supreme edition ) and I am facing some problems.
I am not sure if they have any correlation with each other, but I got a few free wins during character select, or during the match where the other players rage quitted or had some problems with theirs internet connections, and today I got a message saying that I recently had a few wins by disconnect and that is that persists I might be “investigated” or some message like this that I don’t recall exactly right now.
Well, what can I do if the other player disconnected right? but after this message first appeared today, I went to play ranked like I ususally do, but only the season 1 characters are available ( Maya main ) and when I try to select any character from season 2 or 3 I am prompted to buy said pack for the character selected, but when I go to the store, the game already recognizes that I have the supreme edition, but when I go to the character select screen ( offline or online ) only season 1 characters available ( besides Arbiter that I think is the free character of the rotation for the week )
Has anyone ever faced such weird problem? Any tips on what to do? I am thinking about downloading the whole game again, but it might not even work and I would waste a lot of bandwidth for nothing.
Sorry for the huge post and for the possible mistakes in my typing as english isn’t my main language ( brasil here )
Thanks again in advance.

By the way, here are the pictures of the character select screen and of the purchase of the supreme edition.

And the other one:

On Xbox when this happens to me I shut off the game and try to start it again usually that works. I’m not sure if that will work on Win 10 (hopefully). I doubt that the problem has to do with the online disconnects.

I tried restarting the game a few times and nothing, I think I will reinstall it to see if it works, thanks for the help.
Will reply later to say if the reinstallation worked .


Nothing worked, and it seems it is spread amongst supreme edition buyers on pc.

I think I found the problem.
Hope it helps all of you. C ya.