Guilty Gear Xrd on STEAM!

Steam page:

This wasn’t already on Steam? My god, how did people play it on PC without Steam!!??!?!

(that’s only a little bit sarcasm. Seriously, how did they get the game?)

Edit: Sorry, brain cramp. I didn’t realize that this had not been on PC before.

as everybody expected, no xbox one version. this is so funny and sad at the same time…

Dude, it’s a Japanese Anime fighter that sold less than 150,000 units on PS 3. It sold even less on PS4. I’m amazed they are porting it anywhere…

This isn’t the “lost game” that is going to sink the xbox ship, lol.

Guilty Gear is on my Christmas List as one of the first few games for my PS4!!!

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hmmmm, maybe ill buy it again just so i can use my arcade stick on it. MAYBE

I’m not worried about it. Plus, we all knew there wasn’t going to be one anyways. :slight_smile: