Guest Characters?

What Are You Guys Guesses On The Guest Characters For Season 3?

Master Chief or the Arbiter. I’d rather have the Arbiter.


Marcus Fenix…or Cole Train.

Joanna Dark would be cool.

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Who I’d like to see:

Kaim Argonar from Lost Odyssey
Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark

Who I’m guessing we’ll see:
Halo character (either Master Chief or Cortanna)
Gears character (either Marcus or Skorge)

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Kameo in the game. I re-downloaded that game on my Xbox One after having not played in several years and honestly? It holds up really well! I liked it, but didn’t love it when I first played it, but now I actually really dig it. I hope this game gets another chance, and I’d love to see KI launch her again.

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Only one more guest and that’s it. I honestly do not care who it is anymore. After that, let the remainin slots be to returning and new KI characters.


I’m with you. 7 KI characters, and 2 guest Characters. I would say that is all I need, but honestly I don’t even need a guest character. Lol! Rash was a neat surprise, but not a necessary one.

That being said, I’ve always dreamed of an MK vs. KI cross over. Scorpion would be great, and the most practical choice if this were to be a thing (which is why I chose him), but there are honestly cooler :sunglasses: MK choices out there.

I’ve Always Wanted That Crossover To Happen.

Jago x Liu Kang
Sonya x Orchid

That Would Be Major.

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Liu Kang is probably my favorite MK character. I’d love to see him in KI, but he isn’t the poster boy of the series. Still though, Jago vs. Liu would be an epic display.


I’d like to see an MK character as a guest in KI. I’d even go as far as to assume that some of the IG guys and NRS guys might know each other given they both work in Chicago and I don’t believe that there are a ton of studios around these here parts, so I’m sure they’ve run in to one another on occasion.

So would an MK character in KI be impossible? No, but I still tend to doubt it’d be likely. If KI were multiplatform, I’d have to think it’d be a shoe in proposition, but I tend to wonder if WB and NRS might think twice about putting one of their characters in an Xbox exclusive game and what Sony might think of that.

If this did happen though, I’d be curious which character they’d use. My guess is that they’d try to avoid using a character with a dizzy attack like Scorpion or a free hit freeze move like Sub Zero, so Liu Kang, given his move list and his overall speed would actually be a character that makes sense.

Lol. This would be great, but It would have to be someone Iconic right? Liu Kang is great, but everyone wants the Ninjas.

Apparently Ken Lobb and Ed Boon go way back. And Delreich (?), he is a pretty big MK fan, as him and 16 bit used to hang out (on MK streams at least). The MK team and the IG team know each other pretty well I’d say, and I’d also say that the MS team has met / are at least acquaintances with them.

I really don’t think KI being an exclusive would be a big deal, it would all come down to the terms. Smash got Ryu, as well as Cloud, and Smash is an exclusive. This is on top of the fact that no Nintendo system has seen either of these characters in years…one of them, Cloud, has never been on their system.

Personally I’d love to see Liu Kang, or Raiden, or even one of the more obscure MK characters (Fujin…never would happen though), but honestly Scorpion would be the best all around option. Scorp is the highest profile character in MK. He’d grab the most attention, and attract the most people / eyes. The biggest thing though with MK characters, are Fatalities…

If an MK character were to be included, they’d need some way to finish off their opponent OTHER than an Ultra. Fatalities would need to be included (IMHO as a hardcore MK fan of course), and thus Ultimates would need to be included.

One thing that I heard a lot during the Injustice days was how neutered Scorpion was, really how the hole game was “soft”, as everyone was just knocked down, and there was never any finality to any of the fights. Of course this was all coming from the perspective of MK fans, so take that with a grain of salt, but there in lays the point. An MK character being included would be a clear invitation to MK fans, and most MK fans like the “high stakes” / finality that comes with those games. IMO that is one of the things KI had and is missing, which was the driving point of my want to see these 2 franchises crossover.

FYI: Fatalities =/= Gore. Gore, IMO, is not needed in KI, as my want for an MK character in KI in no way drives me to want KI to be more gory. I like KI the way it is, I just think it is missing something that made the other games more interesting…that edge. Ultimates as they were in the OG games would be enough for me.

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Just hope it’s an epic character and one nobody really thought about. That’s hype.

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I think Liu Kang’s pretty far up there on the list of iconic MK characters. Sure, Scorpion and Sub Zero are the elite tier in that regard, but man, I have a really hard time imagining how the mechanics of some of their most well known moves would actually work in KI and how they’d function overall. Not saying it can’t be done, of course, but I’m just having a hard time picturing it.

I think theres gonna be only one more Guest Character which maybe Joanna Dark.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I vaguely recall Ken Lobb and Ed Boon knowing one another pretty well. [quote=“UncappedWheel82, post:10, topic:2579”]
I really don’t think KI being an exclusive would be a big deal, it would all come down to the terms. Smash got Ryu, as well as Cloud, and Smash is an exclusive. This is on top of the fact that no Nintendo system has seen either of these characters in years…one of them, Cloud, has never been on their system.

You make a good point here. Only thing I’d wonder about is the fact that Sony and MS are rivals far more than Sony and Nintendo at this point. Would that make any difference? Who knows. Probably not, but ya never know.

Yeah, I hear ya, but I almost kinda wonder if some of the more hardcore MK fans are a little burnt out on Scorpion. He’s kinda the de facto ambassador of the series. That’s why I think it’d be kinda cool to choose a character that’s still high tier profile-wise, but not the character everyone would automatically expect.

Now, that said, I know that outside of the hardcore fans, Scorpion is much more of a draw. I could see people taking a second look at KI because Scorpion is in it a lot more than Liu Kang, Kano, Sonya or even Raiden. So which would make more sense? We know the answer from a sales perspective, but are their other considerations that should be taken in to account and how much should those weigh in to the equation?

Kameo would fit right in


But Kameo’s main attacks are transforming right? I really can’t see how that can work. I know Rash kinda does it, but for her? I’m not saying it can’t work, just having trouble seeing how it could work.

In the ~10 guest character threads that have come up, I’ve been seeing the same 5 names over and over again.

If we really want to step outside the box, how about a character like Illidan Stormrage? THAT would be a cool surprise with tons of mass appeal.

I’d be down.

Maybe a Galford from samurai showdown. I would like a character with an animal sidekick. Preferrably a dog or wolf.

What number is this guest character thread? Anyway why not Wolverine? Liscnesing issues aside I think he would fit.