Guest character' tjoughts

I feel like there should only be one guest character for season 3…i just feel like it would be better if they brought brand new characters…if there’s 9 characters in total for season 3…we have gargos…kim Wu…tusk…rash…and…maybe eyedol…that leaves 4-5 new characters…that’s the perfect amount if u ask me

Eyedol has been confirmed to not be in this new series because of Aria running Ultra Tech. At best what is going to happen is the characters for Season 3 will be Tusk, Kim Wu, Rash, Gargos, another guest character, and 3-4 new characters.

Hmm…don’t u think 1 guest character is enough per season

@EH503 Hmm…don’t u think 1 guest character is enough per season

Not really, besides they already confirmed more than one so that right there is my prediction for season 3. Half of the cast will come out in March and they will release the rest month by month till EVO.

Oh I didn’t know they said more than 1 guest character

Yeah, they’ve used the plural whenever talking about guests. Seems like a done deal.

Zero guest characters is the best option

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Are we getting 8 or 9 characters this season does any one know? If we get 8 i imagine we’ll have 3 returning, Kim-Wu, Tusk & Gargos. 3 new and 2 Guest characters including Rash. If it’s 9 i wonder if it’ll be 3 guest characters. At the end of the day i think more people love guest characters than people who hate them. When Rash was announced it was big news on all major gaming websites. Even non players in comments were excited.

That would be horrible, ARIA doesnt feel like a boss to me

People were excited because the reporting was Season 3 was announced (Rash just being something to show along with that announcement) and because Battletoads has been making appearances like on Phil Spencer’s shirt, Shovel Knight and now KI, I don’t think it is just shear excitement because it is Rash.

Hopefully we only have one other Guest character besides Rash, or if we’re lucky, Rash will be the only guest. I would rather see as many slots as possible taken up by brand-new characters. Look at what IG did with Aganos, Hisako, and Kan-Ra, and tell me you don’t want more of that!

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since when was Eyedol confirmed to not be in the game? Source pl0x