Guardians, achievements, and difficulty feedback

I was surprised to find the Shadow Lords mode enjoyable. My first impression was that it would be a mode shoehorned in for micropurchases, but after 10+ hours playing this didn’t bother me. There is virtually no reason to purchase packs with premium currency because it is easy enough to earn in-game currency.

I think there is some imbalance with Guardians. I like the idea, but there is little reason to use any guardian other than the snake. I only use my other Guardians for deploying team members. (Ram is decent. Exemplar isn’t useful.)

My biggest complaint with the game is the secret achievement, The Hatchery’s Secret. I like the idea of completing quest lines, but this one is not fun. It is based too much on luck; hoping to get the “Village Under Attack” mission that leads to “Search the Stalkers” (in order to get Stalker Transceivers) is frustrating. After delivering the WYVERN-X in order to get the Security Codes, I was demoralized to realize I would need 5 more Stalker Transceivers.

I would have liked Godlike to be more difficult. I was expecting this to be extremely hard, but this was not the case. I played Godlike on my second playthough and beat Gargos on my first try. I think Godlike difficulty should be turned up just a notch.

Thanks for the early access and giving me the opportunity to give feedback.

You already have the achievement ??? What is the procedure for why it is the last thing I need and I can not unlock u_u

@KillerWiichi Look up the secret achievements thread and you’ll find your answers.

I think the difficulty on the missions and omen fights on Godlike difficulty are fine. It would be great to actually be able to grind on Godlike. The actual Gargos fight can be taken up a notch although it WAS difficult for me.

Can’t wait to see the new Guardians!

I definitely agree with you on the “Hatchery’s Secret” achievement. The fact that it requires a bare minimum of six playthroughs with a lot of reliance on RNG simply makes it too tedious and a chore. That being said, I do like several of these special missions such as the Cult of Gargos and Ultratech: Top Secret that needs several days to complete. Just please don’t make it require multiple playthroughs!

Here is a link to a solution: