Growing the Community: Combo Assist Mode Discussion

That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many moves that CAM does not do for you. This will become especially relevant come S3 with many characters getting the flip out mechanic. When you’re playing a character who has 4 enders and you can only use 2 in CAM. So you have your damage ender and Battery ender, but no wallsplat or juggle. I find that pretty significant and easily a reason to learn the various inputs.

WOW. DUDE That is amazing! I LOVE people who play regardless of disabilities. This guy is amazing. Hopefully KI can be that game where everyone can play.

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I hope he brings his own controller…LOL…jus saying! I had to wipe the pizza grease off the controllers at the game stop tournament…ugh it was so gross… 1 guy had pizza still hanging in his mouth while playing …nasty assss mofos


LMAO WHAT? :laughing:

That’s funny. Greasy Controllers don’t sound good. Eww. You should have taken that tourney! Next Time.

If i had known those few moves I know I would have won… i look back now and Im like why? why didnt i know those 3 moves fucccccckkkkkkkkk!

Is that a can of salt on the edge of his wheel chair? wth???lol

It seems like it. He might need it for something. LOL Practice in SFV. Who knows, there might be another tournament, and you can fight Greasy Pizza Guy again and dominate everyone. But first, the MKXL Tourney.

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WHOA! I was like be “What the?!?!” Broly is really never give up! I remember someone had short arm and play KI at KI World Cup. I’m right?

I remember that. The person was actually pretty decent.

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It is debatable if it is simpler. Holding back for combo traits are certainly not easier and accidental enders and unsafe openers are a thing.

I was thinking we give 10 percent more damage to players who have combo assist turned off.

I’m trying to get a campaign going where people who have combo assist disabled get 10 percent extra damage. What do you think of that idea?

This is not a good idea.

There’s no reason CAM needs to be counter-balanced with anything given IG’s season 3 changes.


Only just saw this.

It made me lol – people aren’t putting in the time to practice. They’re hitting the execution barrier, giving up, and going back to CoD or something, before they can figure out what the game is all about. It’s basically been this way for over a decade, the move of mainstream gaming to analog-controlled 3D games hasn’t helped, and it’s a negative feedback loop as people bouncing off of fighting games makes them less familiar with D-pads and whatnot, which makes them bounce harder off of fighting games. This genre has none of the prominence required to be able to demand large amounts of dedication from an outsider and still have any reasonable chance of on-boarding said outsider.


What about a 1 percent or .1 percent increase? Some kind of carrot to learn how to play without combo assist? I agree ten percent is a bit much.

I have to disagree with you there. The combo system is the main reason I like Killer Instinct.

You may like and enjoy the combo system but it isn’t what is required of you to win a game. The game is deeper than that

The “combo system” is great and it’s what everyone enjoys. What’s up for debate is the role of trivial motions like QCF within the combo system.

So you want to give veterans who already have an edge an even greater edge?

The combo system hasn’t changed at all, even with CAM on. It is 100% identical.

If doing QCF motions within the combo system is fun for you (which is fine, it’s fun for me too!), then just turn CAM off and have fun. But if someone doesn’t want to input special cancel motions, that’s no skin off my back. I don’t care whether they have that skill, and them having that skill isn’t going to make the difference if they beat me or not.

I want to stress that CAM only works in combos. Doing the motions in neutral is still required, which is a very important distinction for fighting game balance. And now, with the S3 changes to how CAM enders work, in order to get your most useful enders you will have to do the motions too, even with CAM on.

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