Group of spectators didn't think Riptor's moves looked savage enough. (Talon Rake move identified as the offender.)

What about her? What did she do that was so ferocious that could be done in this KI? (I say it that way specifically so you don’t bring up No Mercies and all that because those aren’t in this game so no comparison). She has most of the same moves, a couple of new ones and they all look great to me.

But I can understand where the people on the beach and possibly you are coming from. Its not the easiest charactwr to show off to a general public and sure when you think pf a dinosaur, its gonna be bloody and brutal but this is not that kinda game, and if they saw as much as you say they did, they should know that. Still, can’t help what people like.

Andy’s right, you could have titled this better though.

Oh come now xSkeletalx.

How could a cross-section of locals and tourists on a beach be an isolated group of people?

How could you assume that I am running the game under sub-optimal conditions? I have a huge power bank. The game was running fine, assumption is the mother of all mistakes.

These guys weren’t nitpicking at anything, they simply said Riptor was not as dinosaur deadly as they imagined she would be. Some of their mentalities may even have been to play her as a main character, because they seemed to like how she looked. Dinosaur right?

Again, you are disagreeing with something I never said. You’re reading bad posts that I de-constructed. It’s her special moves that the crowd had issues with.

The shadow linkers for example, everyone hyped up for other characters, but not hers.

Yes, I could have worded the topic better, but why dwell on that, when the bread and butter of the post is the post itself?

Any character is easy to show off, if you know the basic concept of linkers and shadow linkers and auto-doubles.

All the characters are the same, in that aspect.

I clearly stated that I did long combos, incorporating different linkers, different auto doubles punches and kicks, and different super-linkers, plus all the 4-hit enders she could muster!

If you read the post, you would see that I mentioned “What about Retro Riptor” because the existence of Retro Riptor de-constructs poor FallofSeraphs76’s idea of the cybernetic parts and plama claws having anything whatsoever, to do, with how Riptor’s moves look…

I just went to change the topic from Riptor’s Moves Look Terrible to… “Riptor’s Moves Look Terrible” but I see a moderator changed it for me, to basically the same thing just less ‘controversial’ so cool thank you!

I will forward this feedback page back to the beach goers whom I made the contacts with, so they can see how their feedback was greeted.

I let them know that the developers would definitely see, but I want them to see the negativity associated with posting feedback, even if it is from a crowd of sincere guys and girls and happy tourists.

Negativity is a part of life though, and is needed to maintain balance.

Hence, your negativity put itself to good use.

It shows who the nitpickers are, who can and can’t comprehend the post, and those guys who comment before even bothering to read.

And it helps to grow the thread larger, which shouldn’t really be neccessary plus, since the devs read EVERYTHING no matter how long or short, right? hahaha

The following thread might have something to do with that…

The group you showed the game to IS an isolated group. [quote=“VeganOrganism, post:5, topic:9863”]
just putting the feedback of about 15 or so guys out here[/quote]

You showed a few people the game at the beach, on a laptop running on a battery (sub-optimal by your own description). How many of these people played the old KI games? How many of these people are fighting game players? How many of them have never played a fighter, or don’t even play video games at all? You may have had a good mix of people from different backgrounds, and their opinions do matter, but it was not a large number of people, which makes it an isolated group when you compare it to the worldwide fanbase the series has.

Last weekend KI was displayed in a much more optimal setting at PAX East (and has been many times over at other conventions) to MANY more people. Some of these were current KI players, some were new to the series, some were experiencing the new game for the first time, etc.

And in the end, I don’t understand the basis of the complaints that she doesn’t fight “like I would expect a velociraptor to fight.” She uses her tails, claws, and bite; all the natural tools the real life creature would have had. She leaps, pounces and bites during her throw. Other than ripping parts off of her opponent, what else did they want her to do differently?

You’re painting attempts to understand the nature of the complaint and put the “showcase” into the proper context as negativity. Bear in mind your posts and choice of words also have an effect on how the thread is received.


But why should we care what a few people on the beach think about a game they don’t play? For this to be in any way useful information you would need to tell us what kind of games they play, it’s like me going down to a beach and saying I hate how their surfboard looks, they won’t care and why should they?. If they don’t play any then it doesn’t matter what they think because they won’t be buying it. The whole point is to make a game that will sell to as many people as possible while being fun and engaging enough to keep us playing and buying new characters. I seriously doubt the target demographic was “some guys on a beach”


Alot were fighting game players, don’t overlook the fact that I said there were people who knew the original Riptor.

Also, 15 people at any given time, but people came and went as they saw fit. You know how it is at the beach, anything attracts everyone’s attention for a bit.

Try as you may Skeletal, there is no excuse for assumption. To assume I was running a sluggish game. Sorry.

And yes, the topic was, Riptor’s Moves Look Terrible…

We get to see the people who joined the discussion to dwell on the topic, without reading the body of the post.

Now here is InflatedSlinky4 in with a ‘who cares’ for first place. And with a like to boot.

I brought the feedback from people who saw the action and WANTED to play, and who ENJOYED playing. The whole endeavor was a success. People could get the combos done almost up to 30 hits, with just me explaining to them how not to panic, and just stick the linkers in, you know… good coaching.

And feed-back came.

Whether you think it is good feedback or not, is a matter for us all I guess, as this is a forum, but, saying things that are not-so-well-thought-out, well, that’s on you.

Looks like inflatedSlinky4 wanted me to get questionnaires filled out. Haha!

Getting angry and calling anyone who tries to discuss it with you a troll and someone who responds negatively to feedback is disingenuous at best. Apparently the only discussion you are in interested in having is with people is one where they say “thanks, you’re right about everything!”

Why? Even if it were true - which it’s not, why would you want to get feedback from strangers on a beach and then go out of your way to let them know that people responded negatively to their feedback? Between the negativity in your post, the title of this thread, and your generally sour responses to every single poster on this thread, you just seem like you are interested in spreading negativity and starting trouble. You are working very hard to convince everybody this is basically a troll thread, that you started to troll the community. You posted a thread titled “Riptors moves are terrible” and then anyone who suggests Riptor’s moves aren’t terrible you call names and argue with… What does that sound like to you?

I came to the post with an open mind and posted a very neutral comment hoping to contribute to a discussion. You are working hard to convince me that discussion is not something you are interested in.

As far as this “feedback” I’m not sure what the developers could possibly be expected to do with the feedback “Riptors moves are meh.” Maybe you could enlighten us as to what you hope to accomplish. And “sharing this feedback” is not a legitimate answer. You mean to tell me that the ONLY feedback you go on the game was that Riptor’s moves are terrible?

I will make the first request that this thread be closed as an obvious troll thread.

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If these guys aren’t trolls, then does someone really believe that weak arguments such as -the skin Riptor is in affects how his moves look- will fly?

Did someone really think that the sun on the beach made Riptor look underwhelming VS the other characters?

I got all of that, and I dealt with it. Respectfully and easily.

All you did is dwell on the topic, and say things that aren’t true.

Now you are saying that the session didn’t even happen.

I really love Killer Instinct, and you JUST saw someone say that I am accustomed to taking K.I. outdoors. I have previous posts, probably spanning weeks.

Why bother? You seemingly have nothing constructive to add here, you simply dwell on the politics of how I chose to set the topic.

I’m not being negative and i’m not going to let you get me silenced by trying to make people believe that.

I called no one names.

Look at the block of text that you just created.

You are not doing yourself any favors.

I understand that some of you guys wanted to dwell on the actual topic, “Riptor’s Moves Look Terrible” and not provide any common-sense reason as to why people would even say that.

And that’s okay!

Now I want to set up KI cabinets at my local beach.


It won’t let me post without at least using my 15 characters, but this all speaks for itself.

If it’s not an intentional troll thread then it’s just some guy being negative, touchy and hypocritical about his negativity and touchiness. Nothing left to say here. Could have been a really fun discussion about KI at the beach.

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Hey don’t steal my ideas hahaha!

That would be cool. Lucky you to have a local beach too!

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That would be sick. KI Beach party.

Yo, this needs to be a thing.


Ok, I just got off work to respond to this.

Wow, why are you so salty?

I never assassinated your character like you are doing with me and others in this thread. You’re calling people desperate and trolls when they’re just trying to understand the point of your post. I pointed out how your title of the topic was hyperbolic and that you would have a hard time getting constructive feedback about the Riptor. And in the end, that is exactly what happened.

You can look at my post history on this forum. I’m only trollish to other trolls. I try my very best to help out everyone here. I would like to help you out too. But its not going to sour my day if you don’t like what I have to say or if you want to call me desperate. You would be just one more person to ignore. But if you continue to respond to people this way, everyone else will dismiss you too.

If the spectators thought that KI’s dinosaur character was going to rip other characters heads off, then its likely that they would be disappointed. KI is a T rated game. KI can be violent, but it can’t be too gory by showing the viscera of the characters the way Mortal Kombat does.

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That’s cool, lets try not to be trollish at all.

Internet forums are rough as they are haha, the topic was just a direct quotation.

The post was the explanation behind it.

I understand how it looks at a glance. That controversial book-cover.

You still have not described EXACTLY what it is that these people did not like about Riptor.

“It was not what I expected from a velociraptor” is extremely vague. Can you please elaborate on the specific details that they did not like, and exactly how it was different from their expectation? I would also like clarification as to whether you were running on battery power (which you say causes the game to run poorly on your laptop) or if you had a direct power connection, because you have said nothing regarding that when asked.

Your posts have been dismissive and evasive whenever someone has asked for clarification or opposed the vague opinions (which you claim to be opposed to as well), and these actions, as well as denouncing those of us who disagree with you do not make this thread appear to be one which is actually looking for any kind of discussion whatsoever.

Don’t worry about the NVIDIA Powermizer battery power thingy discussion from another post… it’s from another post, the posts aren’t linked.

So assume I was running on direct power, as I briefly explained how.

Then assume the game was functioning normally, and that I am not shoveling a load.

Come on…

Anyway, using my own judgement I made specific references to Riptor’s Shadow Linkers. Where everyone said “ooh” and “ahh” for the other characters’, it was all ‘meh’ for poor Riptor.

That’s the realtime feedback I got.

These are 30-hit combos i’m pulling with 2 shadow linkers a piece.

It’s just what it is. She simply, for a variety of reasons didn’t meet people’s expectations with how the moves in her movelist are choreographed I guess.

When they said, the dinosaur looks ‘meh’ I never thought at the time to question the crowd as to why, I was just like… “yeah, for real…” and changed character, hahaha!

I guess her moves had to compete with Jago’s hack’n’slash Shadow Laser Sword linker and Fulgores flashy looking eye-beam Shadow Linker.

Those were the two characters on show before her.

I revisited Riptor yesterday with a bunch of people, and almost everything we saw looked good.

The other players actually enjoy her more than some of the rest of the cast too, as she can somehow link combos easier than the rest of the cast. That doesn’t matter to me, as I know the system.

The only thing we did have a laugh at, is her back, forward + kick move, which in everyone’s opinion there, looks kinda comical and harmless…

After a little thought, I identified this as the ‘problem’.

People were spamming this move at the beach, in the previous session that this post originated from. Simply because I was using it as the kick combo linker while showcasing combos.

This new bunch of spectators and players all agreed that Riptor’s back, forward kick move, whatever it’s called, could do with a better slashing leg movement incorporated into the leap, to make it look a bit more savage.

I just looked it up, it’s called the Talon Rake.


This is a rather odd sentence, IMO. First of all, this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of “super-linkers” and I’ve been playing this game for years. What exactly do you mean by that? I also find it interesting that you mention “punches” and “kicks” when those are basically incorporated into linkers, ADs, etc. Furthermore, you refer to 4-hit enders - I’ve never heard of those either, although in this case, I assume what you meant was “Lvl. 4 enders” instead. Am I right in that assumption? …and yes, I know you don’t like assumptions. Not trying to criticize you here, so no offense, it’s just that this kind of goes hand in hand with what a lot of people seem to be saying, in that they’re having trouble understanding what you’re trying to convey.

Regarding Riptor herself, I’m more inclined to agree with the others - Riptor is a fantastic character overall, especially in regards to her moveset and animations. As others have said, she bites, tail-whips, claws, rakes, shoulder-checks, headbutts, trips, etc… All the things you’d expect a dinosaur of her caliber to do. Add to that her additional reach with an extendable tail (which I admit does seem kind of cheesy as a whole, but it’s represented very well IMO) and her ability to burn her victims to make them even more tasty when she’s done with them and you’ve got a recipe that makes her opponents go extinct.

I know how much I appreciate her as a character, but you don’t see me going out of my way to “represent” someone else (much less a small group of people for that matter), because there’s really no need to. If they like the game enough, they can come onto these forums or other public space and decry their own opinions on how they feel about this character and the game as a whole. They don’t need you to do that. By creating this thread, I understand (vaguely) what you were attempting to do, but as a whole, it doesn’t seem to be going over well for you. So my suggestion to you is to simply not worry about it - avoid the stress it may cause and move on.