Group of spectators didn't think Riptor's moves looked savage enough. (Talon Rake move identified as the offender.)

Hey there, I took K.I. to the beach yesterday on a Bank Holiday, and a few guys complained that the dinosaur’s moves look terrible.

I was showcasing combos for them and with Riptor’s, I didnt see much satisfaction.

Her slashes, special moves, shadow moves and what not.

Just saying… not a Riptor fan, but the game as a whole, I always send feedback after I entertain a public forum.

I think characters with claws need more deadly looking swipes. Including Sabrewulf.

Putting a more visible slash effect on Sabrewul’s slashing special moves, much like his anti-air, could be an option for you guys to think about.

People played too…

Hyperbole in these forums have to stop.

Instead of saying “Riptor moves look terrible”, say “I don’t like the way Riptor moves”. You’d probably get more constructive responses like that.

The vast majority of people think Riptor, a cybernetic dinosaur, is animated great. What fighting games animate thier monsters well besides KI? What 3D fighting game has monsters besides KI?


It was the feedback I got.

Reading comprehension is… hmmm wait, and someone else liked your post?

If you’re gonna try to be smart, then don’t put words in my mouth, please.

Read the post, and understand the content before commenting please.

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. - Wikipedia

Reading comprehension is the most basic aspect, of the english language.

How do you know what hyperbole is, yes display no ability to be able to read and comprehend?

Better let the devs just take a look at this one and move on.

My wife has been a Riptor fan since the 90’s, and she really digs this iteration of Riptor.

Yeah, I just got this feedback from a bunch of people outdoors.

I guess they were looking for Riptor’s moves to appear more vicious or deadly or something. They were especially disappointed with the back forward shadow linkers.

I don’t really care much for Riptor, just putting the feedback of about 15 or so guys out here for the devs, and for people to comment on, whether they understand what i’m saying or not.

Gotcha. :slight_smile:

I have to say I am totally in love with the idea of people playing KI on the beach.


No offense but how good of a view and true test of the game could that have received…on the beach? I have a portable gaming monitor and it looks great…but in the broad sunlight at the beach? I just don’t think that’s a well deserving place to judge a games animations.

I think she animates extremely well…especially when she goes in and out of predator stance. Riptor has more moves and tools than any character in the game IMO. I think she may be in the running for best animated character int eh game.

That might be an interesting Topic and Poll…“Who do you think is the best animated character?” -“What character do you think has the most frame animations in the game?”
(Of course based of a regular indoor monitor…not a monitor out on the beach LOL")

Wow thanks, yeah it is pretty cool, in Barbados too!

I was thinking of starting a youtube stream that has the potential to go all the way to the top, simply because of the surroundings and that tropical paradise feel, but i’m too busy for that sadly.

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Honestly? Haha okay, yes, we go under a tree on the sand.

There are lots of trees, a.k.a. shade, on the beach.

Further more, if the spectators and participants lauded the animations and movesets of the other characters, then that means that they could see.

They didn’t say the whole game looked bad, they didn’t say Riptor’s animations were bad either.

Her moves just didn’t scream deadly raptor like they expected them to, that’s all. Especially those who knew the old Riptor and were looking for something more jazzed up than her original iteration.

But they all agreed her moves just looked ‘meh’ and moved on to another character.

It was like, "OMG… THE dinosaur for the older guys, and OMG… A dinosaur for the younger guys n girls, but then all the hype faded. :cry:

This is interesting. It’s a bit surprising to me, since there hasn’t been this kind of feedback before. However, it’s likely to be a very different audience. When they see a dinosaur in the game they expect it to basically eat the other player, rip it apart and generally look like Jurassic Park. Whereas people familiar with fighting games are going to put the moves in the context of the game.
Edit: I’m kind of surprised they didn’t think the fire was interesting. That’s always had huge appeal to “casuals” in my experience. I also think it should be noted that people mashing buttons aren’t going to really see what the character has to offer.

Gotcha… so the cybernetic armor plating, extending cybernetic tail, plasma claws, internal flame thrower and mortar cannon isnt enough “Jazz”. I just dont understand how this isnt more “jazzy” than the original Riptor that had none of the above. That isnt directed to you, Its directed to those on the beach that said Riptor was meh.

Owell cant please them all. I personally think Riptor is fine just the way she is. I will admit I like the Retro and the Feathered skins better than the Default though.

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Yeah well, no one takes K.I. out there into the ‘wild’ and brings in raw feedback.

People ranging from i’d say 16 to 35 in age.

Students, beach bums, beach babes, rastas, tourists, locals, a wide cross-section of people. Plus it was a bank holiday, National Heroes Day here.

Don’t worry about me, I can easily swat down negative comments like DurtyDee810’s, if they threaten to negate the little thoughtless effort I made to share the feedback I got.

Negative comments usually have no substance.

Actually, I’m pretty sympathetic to @DurtyDee810’s comment.

The title of the thread isn’t “Some randoms on a beach didn’t like Riptor’s moves.” It’s “Riptor’s moves look terrible.” Not stated as an opinion, a solicitation or as an experiment in casual feedback. So, I think it’s pretty legit to suggest that it’s unwarranted hyperbole in the title.

I think you might have gotten a much more positive response if you posted a thread “My experience displaying KI to a holiday beach crowd in Barbados.” That would have piqued people’s interest, gotten you the credit you deserve for taking the game out there and putting it in front of people, and then put the subsequent feedback on Riptor’s moves into the appropriate context for people to deal with it. After all, it’s not like they are going to take that constructive criticism and go rework Riptor’s moveset. So the information is an interesting story, not really constructive to the game’s development.

You have an interesting story to tell here and you buried the lead under a title that smacks of all the generally useless whining that people deal with on the forums.

EDIT: Actually, based on your hyper defensive and aggressive responses, I’m starting to think this is your opinion on Riptor being dressed up with an excuse…


The cybernetic armor plating is just visual appeal. Same with the plasma claws and the extending cybernetic tail. It’s just a skin.

What about retro Riptor? Think about those things first.

I’m talking about how her moves look. Choreography would be a good term to use here?

From the not-so-well-thought-out, seemingly desperate comments i’m receiving from some of you guys, i’m leaning towards thinking was good feedback I got on the beach, and thinking that yours isn’t.

Either way, feedback is feedback! Haha!

I understand how you could be sympathetic towards his comment because of the topic I chose.

Maybe I should have put it in “Parenthesis” but the body of text is the important part.

And the topic states exactly what the post is about. It’s just a topic I didn’t put inverted commas on, sorry?

Also, have no sympathy for DurtyDee810, he chose to not even read and understand my comment. He read the topic and stopped. He judged the book by the cover and hence, ended up trying to stick words in my mouth unknowingly I guess?

Trust me, it’s not my opinion.

You gotta see through people so you don’t get drafted over to the wrong side…

Coming off as agressive by swatting down the not-so-well-thought-out-posts was never my intention.

Nor is the back and forth unless it’s in the spirit of conversation, and not trying to overturn everything the feedback is umm… trying to feeding back. Haha.

Again. This is for the devs to see.

Otherwise, what’s the point in bringing the feedback?

Love the Edit LOL… I think this post wraps it up in a nut shell.
@VeganOrganism Andy is correct… the title of your Thread says it all… it begins and Ends right there. You want to be taken seriously… Put more thought into your title and I promise you will get better results.

So my questions is to you, “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF RIPTOR?” Forget about the beach babes, muscle men, and the Rastafarian’s that have never played KI in there life… “What do you truly think of Riptor?”

Rather, why did people, after seeing Jago and Fulgore and other fighters brawl, think that Riptor’s moveset was ‘meh’?

Were their expectations of a Veloci-raptor too high?

Should his shadow linkers be a bit more hack and slashy?

I do long combos, so certain things they saw gave it that ‘meh’ appeal and i’m thinking it was probably those shadow linkers.

I mean, i’m trying to figure it out too.

Nah it wasn’t just people mashing buttons, when we brought on new characters I showcased the long combos for them. Switching back and forth between the different linkers and shadow linkers mid-combo and different punch and kick auto-doubles so it didn’t look repetitive.

I’m all for Killer Instinct. You guys just don’t like the topic. Well, that’s what you guys are saying.

What do I think of Riptor? While I tried her I didn’t immediately grasp her playstyle, i’d have to get used to it, I dashed back to get a bit of room and ran all the way to the end of the screen haha!

She’s very mobile!

But don’t get sidetracked from the topic! Hahaha, the crowd was disappointed with how her moves looked, compared to the rest of the cast.

If it were my opinion on Riptor, i’d have stated it long ago.

I just kill her and put a big red X through her and move on… never really had a thought about her before.

Take a note of these guys trying to force a bad vibe on me…

BigBadAndyRegular (EDIT: Actually, based on your hyper defensive and aggressive responses,
I’m starting to think this is your opinion on Riptor being dressed up
with an excuse…)

FallofSeraphs76 (Love the Edit LOL)

Two trolls and 1 guy DurtyDee810, who just read the topic and started to rant.

FallofSeraphs76 (No offense but how good of a view and true test of the game could that
have received…on the beach? I have a portable gaming monitor and it
looks great…but in the broad sunlight at the beach?)

This guy actually tried to reason, that we couldn’t see the game properly… and started the sentence with no offense… I didn’t take any.

He also somehow thought that the skin the character is dressed in would make a difference to what I am saying…

FallofSeraphs76 (Gotcha… so the cybernetic armor plating, extending cybernetic tail, plasma
claws, internal flame thrower and mortar cannon isnt enough “Jazz”.)

Gotcha…? Sarcasm without even understanding? Get that reading comprehension down first.

Oh, someone DID actually mention, wait, Riptor spits fire now?

But that didn’t seem to help her case much then.

This strikes me as a very isolated group of people (who may have absolutely no concept of the ins and outs of fighting games, from the sound of it) coming up with an opinion about the character after seeing it in a non-optimal situation; unless I’m misremembering, you posted recently about the game running slower or poorly when you are playing on your laptop’s battery versus plugged in, and it’s not very likely that the tree you showcased the game under had an available power outlet.

The only complaints I really remember seeing on these forums from Riptor’s reveal or any time on are that people didn’t like her segmented tail and that her head was not as flat/wide as the previous “snake like” head from KI1. Her accessories, general design, animation and sounds were not otherwise complained about very loudly. She also breathes fire which is generally something people find enticing about the modern Riptor.

I personally disagree with your listed complaints. I think her animations look great, they’re fluid, and she claws, bites, and tail lashes like I think you would generally imagine a velociraptor would. She breathes fire (and shoots fire mortars, now) and her plasma claws and segmented tail look and work as expected, and also display her cyborg aspects. I really don’t see where you’re coming from at all.

As for the original title, I agree with the previously stated opinions that it was worded as we typically see troll or rant complaint threads. I came into this thread expecting I was going to need to edit and close things down, based on the title alone. From my experience, “first impressions” go a long way on these forums, and starting with a well-worded title and OP is a good practice.