Grindr App for KI

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OMG <3

You’re hilarious, but inappropes, homie.

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Interesting. Kinda creepy but interesting. I didn’t know that’s what Grindr was about. With Xbox live, and being able to play online, does the physical distence really matter? Why trade pics? Are you looking to date or play ki? Although if I’m on mic when I play someone on Xbox I may watch my mouth more if I know it’s a little girl on the other end, so there’s that. I don’t particularly care what my opponent looks like, just pick a fighter and let’s rumble.

How about we just use this forum for socializing?

Yeah… using the forums is a good idea.


I don’t want to meet you guys IRL or wanna see how you look like either. Especially not OP… creepy…


I actually agree with that. I don’t need girly pics or flirty chat. I’m already married with children. Just pick a guy and let’s get ready to rumble.

Maybe if I’m lucky or good enough I could meet some of y’all as a competitor for ki world cup or something. But I’m not holding my breath for that… Im not good enough to get that far.

You men are missing the point. I’m not talking about when we are on Xbox live. Like say I’m at the mall, I would open the app and see other people with the same app who are within near physical distance of me, say 100 feet sitting across from me. I could be like “cool, this man sitting 100 feet away from me at my local mall also plays Killer Instinct!” And we could message each other and hang out.

That doesn’t change my point. In fact it kinda makes it more creepy. Next thing you know I have a frickin stalker because I play ki. The only thing worse then a salty player, is a salty player who knows how to find you.

If you wanna message you do it here in the forum that’s what is for (partly). If some random dude were to approach me at the mall while I’m out with my son, would probably get punched in the nose.

Yeah, no thanks.

Here’s the thing about an idea like that, it can send off some really bad vibes.
While the idea is innocent enough, it’s not something most players would like as it could be used in various ways. Both positive and negative.

The best way to go about something like that is here in the forums or a group via Social Media.
Something like GPS tracking isn’t the way to go about friendship making.

If there are those that’d like to make friends and occasional play mates, the forums we’re on now is the best way to do that. Start a small conversation in Off Topic and message others. You can get to know them on more comfortable ground.

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Here’s my view:

It might be nice to meet some people, but I think I might get shot by someone I teabagged.


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We’re done.